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Our Knicker Styles Guide

A Guide to Different Knicker Styles

We all deserve to look and feel amazing, any time of year, don’t we? Want to know how? Well, to achieve this, it all starts with what’s underneath. Yes, we’re talking about underwear. Our top-notch knickers’ styles guide can help you find the ideal cut to wear under that killer outfit of yours.

Everyday Styles

Saucy Styles

Thong Style Knickers


Dare to bare all this party season with a discreetly sensual thong. Available in both a low or high-rise, the exposed back leaves little to the imagination to guarantee less visible panty lines.

G-String Style Knickers


Well, if you thought thongs were daring, you need to try G-strings. They may be similar, but the narrower string not only shows off your bum off in all its glory but shows absolutely no panty lines whatsoever.

Erotic Style

Crotchless Knickers

Crotchless Knickers

From briefs and shorts to skirts and strings, the options are almost endless when it comes to crotchless styles. The cut-out crotch provides easy access during any time of the day. Even away from the bedroom…

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