A Guide to Different Knicker Styles

A Guide to Different Knicker Styles

Finding the perfect pair of knickers is the foundation to any outfit. They help create seamless lines under the sexiest dresses, provide everyday comfort and can be your best friend in the bedroom. Choosing the best pair is almost as important as finding a well-fitting bra, which we can also help you out with - see our bra buying guide.

But there are so many different styles out there that it can be difficult to know where to start. What's the difference between a brief and a short? Or a thong and a string? And I thought a Brazilian was a wax? Don't get your knickers in a twist – the experts are here to help.

With the Ann Summers guide to different knicker styles, you can pick your perfect fit for any occasion.

The essential ones...


Shorts provide the most coverage of your bum and hips. They have a straight cut that comes low on the hips – great for giving a smooth silhouette. Shorts have remained a firm favourite with women of all shapes and sizes because they flatter everyone and are incredibly comfortable.

AS Style Tip...

Perfect for everyday wear. Shorts are an essential in your knicker drawer.

Short and sexy


Gently curved at the front while sitting high on the hips, a brief is edging more towards the sexy everyday underwear. The sides are narrower than shorts – tantalisingly teasing – while still giving full coverage of your bottom.

AS Style Tip...

Brief doesn’t have to mean boring! The sky’s the limit with dozens of colours and materials.

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The sexy ones...


A Brazilian is slightly more cheek-baring than a brief, and a newer style to the market. It's gently curved at the front, sits low on those sexy hips and is cut away across the bottom. It's hot, fashionable, cheeky and it flatters curves for a smooth finish.

AS Style Tip...

Brazilian is the perfect style if you feel like teasing your other half, while still leaving plenty to the imagination!

Be a Brazilian babe


Discreet and sexy, thongs tick all the boxes. They come with a slightly wider waistband than the string to give you a bit more coverage and to flatter your curves, but of course the back is cut out to show off your bottom.

AS Style Tip...

Perfect for getting rid of unsightly panty lines under a sultry outfit and elongating those perfect pins.

No lines here


A string is the best style if you want your underwear to go unnoticed. Offering a finish that's sexy and line-free, you don't get more ‘barely there' than a string. The design features a very thin waistband and shows off your booty in all its glory.

AS Style Tip...

Perfect if you’re wearing a figure-hugging dress where everything is visible.

String us along

The erotic ones...

Suspender belt

Seductive, sultry and incredibly sexy, there's no doubt suspenders feature heavily in your other half's fantasies – trust us. They come with additional suspender straps on the leg, which can be clipped to a pair of sexy stockings when you want to complete the look and take things to a whole other level. But they don’t have to stay in the bedroom – where under your dress or skirt disguised as tights and feel like a goddess all day.

AS Style Tip...

Perfect for when you want to turn up the heat in the bedroom.

Belt up, baby


It doesn't get cheekier than bumless knickers. It's a naughty twist on the classic crotchless style, and instead it's your gorgeous booty on display. Perfect if you're planning a seduction where you know they won't be able to resist you.

AS Style Tip...

Planning a kinky night? Bumless knickers are ideal for indulging in a bit of spanking with nothing in the way.

Be bumless


No erotic lingerie collection would be complete without mentioning crotchless knickers. As the name suggests, they come with a sexy open crotch feature that perfectly balances looking hot without putting you completely on display, to ensure you're ready for a night of playful passion.

AS Style Tip...

Pair with gorgeous sequined nipple pasties to bring out your inner burlesque babe and leave them begging for more.

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