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Post-Nut Clarity Meaning

Said to be almost a ‘eureka moment’ for men, post-nut clarity is a moment following ejaculation where men are said to gain total clarity and focus. They might mentally dedicate themselves to a new 5-times-a-week gym routine or create a definitive to-do list for work, declare they are going to get started on the DIY project (that’s been stagnant for months) or finally arrange that reunion with old school friends. And as his supportive partner absent-mindedly nods and pats his arm in support of these great ideas, he thinks to himself ‘I’m really going to do it, first thing tomorrow, it’s happening’. And then he falls asleep

Tomorrow comes and goes, the gym trainers remain idle at the back of the cupboard, the to-do list gets longer, the toolbox gathers dust and old school friends still think of him as ‘some guy I used to know in school’. Yes, this is a classic case of post-nut clarity where great intentions outweigh actions following (to coin the exact term post-nut clarity is derived from) busting a nut.

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So, Why Does Post-Nut Clarity Happen?

Ok, well, we must begin with a disclaimer. Post-nut clarity is not a proven medical theory. If you were at your doctor, and you happened to mention that you’d finally booked an appointment to see them whilst experiencing post-nut clarity, they would likely ask you to leave (so don’t do that). However, the theory may have some credibility.

There is still a lot to learn about orgasms, but we do know that they activate dozens of regions of the brain and that before, during and after orgasm, there is a huge release of hormones and neurotransmitters. This is the likely cause of post-nut clarity, for those men who claim to have experienced it.

It makes sense, really. When in pursuit of sexual gratification, a man’s mind is concentrated purely on one thing. We expect if you asked Mo Farah what he thinks about during a race he’d say his focus is on reaching the finish line (and how good it feels to get there!).

It’s the same for a man heading to climinville whether with a partner, whilst masturbating, or using a fleshlight or other male sex toy. Focus is centred on the finish line and everything else goes out the window - multitasking has long been known not to be a male strong point! So, it goes without saying that following ejaculation, he has the capacity to think clearly about other things without his mind wandering. In addition, the euphoric feeling of orgasm is likely to make his post-nut clarity all the more positive in nature.

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What is Post-Nut Depression?

We were hoping we could just focus on the positives, but no. Unfortunately - in the words of Pablo Picasso - for every positive, there is a negative. And post-nut syndrome or - to give it its actual medical name - post-coital dysphoria is a condition that leaves men, and women, feeling sad, anxious or depressed after sex.

Post-nut syndrome is believed to occur due to a drop in hormones - including endorphins, oxytocin, and prolactin - following sex. It can happen even when the sex is consensual and pleasurable, and it matters not whether in a committed or casual relationship. It was originally believed that only women experienced these dips in mood following sex but a 2018 study discovered that men suffer too. It can leave people feeling irritable or even tearful after having just had the time of their lives and might make the other party wonder what on Earth is going on.

Whilst relatively rare, it is good to be aware of post-coital dysphoria so you know how to handle it should you sleep with someone only to get a post-sex reaction you weren’t expecting.

Do Women Experience Post-Nut Clarity?

Well, there’s no actual medical evidence that males experience anything other than the blissful after-joy of a mind-blowing orgasm, so we guess there’s no evidence to suggest women can’t experience post-nut clarity too.

Though perhaps a more fitting name would be suitable? Post-clitoral clarity, post-climax calm, post-peak peace, maybe? Whatever you want to call it, you know where you can find the ultimate pleasure-giving sex toys to get you there.

And just remember, if he says he’s going to clear the garage out tomorrow, we recommend catching it on camera – the milk in your fridge has likely got a longer shelf life than his post-nut clarity!