Breaking Down the Menopause Taboo - One Post at a Time.

Lorna Ive

Founder, Lorna Ive -

I am Lorna Ive, Entrepreneur, Broadcaster, Campaigner, Changemaker and Women's Health and Wellbeing Expert.

Founder of an award-winning LIVE grassroots campaign and digital platform #UndoTheMenoTaboo. Creating conversations and awareness across all stages of menopause. As an entrepreneur, I own two businesses: and my Social Media Agency Lorna Ive Media.

I am a regular columnist for The Sussex Newspaper - “Hormonal Journey of a “Mumpreneur.

A wife and mum to 4 grown-ups. A fairy pug-mother to 3 rescue pugs. I live in Wadhurst, East Sussex and am now a member of the fifty and fabulous club! When I am not talking menopause you can find me paddle boarding, spinning on a bike or taking part in a Ms Great Britain Final pageant!

A midlife hobby I discovered at the age of 48! I took part in the first-ever Ms Great Britain 2020. You can follow my journey this September 2021 when I will be competing again as a Ms Great Britain Classic Finalist 2021.

I am thrilled and extremely happy to be here sharing with you my early menopause journey and experience. I hope by sharing my story this will help to raise more awareness.

Early menopause, surely not?

I had no awareness of perimenopause let alone early menopause. Little did I know I was in the thick of perimenopause at the age of 35. My periods become heavier and closer together. My Gynaecologist at the time declared, “A hysterectomy or sterilisation would be the best option for you at this time, you have had your family now”

I was struck with feelings of shock and bewilderment. I was not prepared and not ready to have such major surgery at that age with a young family to care for.

Six months prior to my 40th birthday. My symptoms worsened with serious bleeding. I then started to notice that I was suddenly getting a wealth of odd symptoms around this time.

I did not feel unwell; I just did not feel myself, something I could not translate. It was a feeling that something was happening with my body. Symptoms of anxiety, hot flushes, weight gain around my tummy, dry hair, intolerance to certain foods and alcohol. It felt that I was constantly at the doctors with a list of symptoms. My GP care at this time was dreadful, I know now there is no menopause training for Gp’s.

During this time, I felt an intense loneliness and my confidence took a big dip. My friends were not going through the same experience as myself. I had no one to talk to and ask for advice, my mother had her menopause at 52.

I realised something was not quite right upon my return from a family holiday. The hotel air conditioning had masked my symptoms. I was waking up at exactly 2 am each morning and not sleeping till 5 am. I was having insane hot flashes during the day with embarrassing sweats.

I changed my GP, the difference in care was incredible. I was referred to a new Gynaecologist, who asked “Do you think you could be in early menopause?” I shrugged it off and replied, “No, not me, surely not.” This was to be a turning point in my treatment, care and awareness.

A huge feeling of relief had been lifted from my shoulders. I honestly thought that I was going mad! My blood test revealed I was in early menopause. I was 42 at this time. I felt an immense feeling of grief as to why had this happened to me. After grief came anger, my body failed me. I clearly needed hormones and had needed them for some time.

My passion for empowering midlife women!

I did not want women to have to go through the same experience as myself. To feel alone, isolated and to have no awareness about perimenopause, early menopause, menopause and post-menopause.

Little did I know that Perimenopost was about to be founded!

My vision is to change the way menopause is discussed and informed to break down the menopause taboo one post at a time!

During my campaign, Menopause was becoming a buzz of activity across social media. Menopause was discussed during the BBC’s Menopause week, now in Parliament!

My campaigning changed the way women in West Kent were prescribed HRT. Prior to this, it was a postcode lottery. Many funded treatment privately or had no choice to go without.

Perimenopost has developed into the business it is today, offering a safe community and private membership, blogs, podcasts, a business membership club for brands, Social Media Consultancy and soon to launch Executive Menopause Coaching. Winning awards from Jacqueline Gold CBE #WOW award and Theo Paphitis #SBS award was such a great recognition of my work to provide menopause awareness.

I am passionate, dedicated and committed to helping women globally to feel empowered. I strive to advocate that midlife is for taking every opportunity and seizing the day! Providing real honest conversations about how life is for midlife women and how we can take charge of our later years with a positive mindset, looking after our health and kicking hormones and menopause into shape. Showing that midlife does not have to be the end of the road. It is only just the beginning!

Lorna Ive

Lorna’s tips for managing Menopause and Midlife!

number 1

Be your own advocate! At your GP surgery, ask for blood tests, HRT and treatments for menopause symptoms.

number 2

Set up a PPG - Patient Participation Group within your medical surgery to make changes for women’s health.

number 3

Log symptoms daily - download our free symptom chart and tracker Free Symptom chart and membership.

number 4

Become the Menopause Champion at your workplace - talk with HR and set up your own Menopause Forum.

number 5

Read the book Sex Matters by Dr Alyson J. McGregor. This book will change your life!

number 6


number 7

Grab every opportunity that comes your way, say YES!

number 8

Become a member and be part of the Perimenopost tribe.

number 9

Sign up today for your free membership and free resource pack private FB group - receive your free resources Join the tribe!