Body Affermation

Body Affirmations to Increase Your Sexual Confidence

Sexual confidence is a difficult thing to measure. One day we might feel like a goddess and other days not so much. One thing we know for certain is that it must come from within – no amount of compliments from partners can do this for us. Nor can being a certain weight, age, or body shape, magically make you feel confident. True confidence is when you don’t need approval from others, and sexual confidence is just the same.

We gathered some of our favourite affirmations – things to tell ourselves to help on the way to feeling more sexually confident. By repeating them to yourself – out loud preferably – you should start to believe them more and more…

Affirmations for Sexual Confidence

number 1

I am my own best friend

The way we talk to our best friends is how we should talk to ourselves – like we’re our own biggest fan. Would you pick her up when she’s down? Yes. Would you focus on and celebrate all her good points? Of course. Think about what she would say to you – and say it to yourself.

number 2

I deserve to be appreciated and respected in the bedroom… and everywhere else

The bedroom is where someone has chosen you, and you alone. You should feel like you’re being listened to and feel truly confident to be yourself.

number 3

My sexual preferences and fantasies are part of who I am – they deserve to be listened to

There’s nothing wrong with having sexual fantasies and wanting to try them. In the past we’ve been held back and wasted time worrying about what other people think, but we’re now living in an age when we can speak freely about what we want. If your partner even thinks about judging you for them, they don’t deserve to be your partner.

number 4

I embrace my sexuality fully and compassionately

Being sexual is part of being human and there should be no guilt around that. Remind yourself that this is who you are and be proud of it.

number 5

My body is a product of every experience in my life, it is me, and it is beautiful

The shape, the scars, the beauty of our bodies are all part of our story, and it’s truly unique. Your body has carried your through every difficult and glorious situation in your life and deserves to be appreciated for how it’s healed and fought back every single time.

number 6

I have the power to make my sex life everything I want it to be

There’s only one thing standing in the way your ideal sex life… you. If you want to change something, ask for it. If you want to learn more about your body, explore it. And, if you want to buy a new sex toy – buy it! It’s all about how high you choose to aim!

number 7

I already possess everything I need to be happy in my own skin

Other women don’t possess a secret to success or sexual confidence – they started out with the same tools you have. Use your mind and your body to get you where you want to be.

Changes don’t come overnight – make sure you think about and practice these affirmations regularly and you’ll start to see progress in how easy it is to believe these things about yourself.

What would you add to this list? Affirmations can be incredibly personal to us and speak to our own insecurities. Write your own and it becomes even more powerful!