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At Ann Summers, our pleasure is helping you enjoy more pleasure, whether with a partner or own your own. We are endlessly researching, testing, asking and exploring new ways to up the sexual ante. This time we came up with a unique vibration that is the most advanced in the world and it’s taking bedrooms by storm.

Don’t worry, this definitely isn’t a marketing gimmick, it’s based on pure, orgasm-giving science. Keen to find out more? This guide will tell you exactly how our Climax Technology works, and what it can do for you...

What is the ann summers climax technology?

Vibrators are a great way to experience intense orgasms. But can we let you in on a secret? Here at Ann Summers, we developed our own vibrator motor which uses the science of sound waves to deliver strong vibrations which travel further through the body and feel much more intense than a regular vibrator. This is what we call Climax Technology.

How do vibrators work ?

Now comes the science.

The major erogenous zones, the clit, penis and the G-spot and P-spot, are bursting with nerve endings – the clit alone has over 8,000. This makes them more than a little sensitive. Therefore, when we touch, lick, suck and tease them enough they explode into the all-encompassing big-O.

However, by just stimulating the nerve endings that touch the surface, we are only hitting the tip of the pleasure possibilities. That’s because most of the nerve endings in these places are tucked away deep beneath the surface. For example, did you know the clitoris is actually the size of a courgette? Like a sexual iceberg, only the tip is visible, but the clit continues internally and can be reached by strong vibrations.

While the finger, tongue or standard vibrator can’t touch these hidden sexual receptors – although that’s not to say they don’t still feel pretty damn good – our Climax Technology can. So, how does a vibrator work?

Here’s how:

  • Climax Technology is our exclusive vibrator motor, which sends out prolonged, low frequency vibrations that penetrate the surface of your skin and travel through the body to intensely stimulate the entire area, not just where the vibrator is being held.
  • Our bodies are around 60% water and therefore the effect of Climax Technology is best demonstrated by our water test below. This shows the clear difference between sex toys featuring Climax Technology and regular vibrators.
  • These powerful sound wave vibrations reach over 15,000 receptors across your entire body, resulting in longer, stronger orgasms like you’ve never experienced before.

What is the best vibrator?

Now that’s how our Climax Technology works, but you might be wondering how it compares to your average vibrator.

Don’t they all do the same thing?

Not exactly. While both can be used to enhance your steamy alone time or together time, the motor design and the type and level of frequencies they send out are poles apart – well, a spectrum of sound apart. Because of this, the orgasms you achieve from a normal vibrator compared to the orgasms you experience with Climax Technology toys are very different.

Let’s look at the main differences between them:

Standard vibrator

  • High frequency vibrations which stimulate the surface sex receptors
  • Destabilised, weighted motor which centralises the buzz in the toy
  • Too much use in sensitive spots can cause overstimulation and numbness
  • Mind-blowing orgasms which are unlike those achieved manually

Vibrating sex toy featuring Climax Technology

  • Low frequency vibrations which go deeper and hit more nerve endings
  • Advanced motor which sends the buzz throughout the entire toy
  • Can be used for longer periods of direct pleasure without numbness
  • Insanely intense whole-body climaxes which last for longer

Why more nerves matters

Our Climax Technology definitely gets on your nerves, in a very good way.

By stimulating thousands upon thousands of your deep nerve endings, not only can you experience the most explosive and best back-bending orgasms, but you get to explore a whole new range of sensations on your own or with your lover.

By exploring and experimenting with a whole new range of sensations solo or with your partner, will not only make your sex life more exciting but also more fulfilling. This can, in turn, make your relationships stronger and long-lasting.

It also has some pretty powerful health benefits, too. The more orgasms you can enjoy as a result of our Climax Technology, the more beneficial hormones and chemicals, including oxytocins and endorphins, are released into your body. These can reduce stress, help you sleep better and boost your immune system.

How to choose a climax technology toy

Ready to try it out? You can experience all our Climax Technology has to offer across our range of sex toys, including bullets, cock rings, G-spot vibrators, masturbators, butt plugs and of course, Rampant Rabbits®. Simply look out for the logo on our product pages or click here to view all our toys which feature Climax Technology.

As well as using our powerful, low frequency motor on the inside for that unparralled quiver, the outside of all these toys are slick, sexy and made from soft, easy to clean silicone which fits into the body’s natural curves for extra smooth, firm sensations.

Our Climax Technology also comes with a range of settings, from a slow rumble to an explosive shudder. This means you can enjoy different levels of vibration and vary the pleasure to suit your mood and the moment.

How to use a vibrator: Exploit the tech even further

Once you’ve experienced the power of these toys, you can boost the benefits of our Climax Technology further.

Give these tips a try:

  • Add Lube

    Lube should always be used when you play with sex toys, but it is also proven to heighten the sensations (as if they weren’t strong enough) and make things feel even more intense. Try our Cool Tingle Lube for new sensations.

  • Move it around

    Don’t just stick to your main erogenous zones, explore all of the different sensations it can bring by moving your toy around yours or your partner’s body, from nipples to belly to toes.

  • Take things underwater

    Our Climax Technology toys can be safely submersed so why not take them into the bath or shower to add some extra fizz to your bubbles? Getting wet is always good, right?

Climax like never before...

There are no limits to how far your pleasure can go thanks to our exclusive Ann Summers Climax Technology.

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