How to Use Love Eggs

If you’re looking for a sex toy that can offer you a whole host of different options inside the bedroom (and out) whilst also giving your pelvic floor muscles pelvic-floor-excercises.html) a workout, then Ann Summers’ love eggs could be the right choice for you. Taking the classic jiggle ball and turning it up a level, love eggs are a favourite for those who want some added pleasure with their Kegel exercises.

But what is a love egg and how do love eggs work? Our guide to these little eggs of joy will tell you everything you need to know.

What are Love Eggs?

Love eggs, much like jiggle balls (otherwise known as Kegel balls or toner balls), are designed to be inserted into your vagina for sexual stimulation. So, what do jiggle balls do? jiggle balls are designed more for exercising and toning those pelvic floor muscles, love eggs are designed for pleasure. You’ll also find that love eggs usually consist of one single egg with a separate remote control, whereas jiggle balls are often two weighted balls connected together.

What Are Vibrating Love Eggs & How Do They Work?

So, how do love eggs work? The vibrations are where the true magic of love eggs really comes alive. Once you’ve inserted your remote-control love eggs, just reach for the remote and switch on the vibrations for a whole new world of pleasure. As the vibrating love eggs are inserted, you’ll find that the intensity of sensations willdrive you wild as the nerve endings around your vaginal walls and G-Spot are teased.

How to Insert a Love Egg

As with any sex toy, you’re going to want to warm yourself up a little before getting full on with your egg vibrator. Try to use them externally first, getting yourself a little wet and making it easier to gently slip them inside your vagina. What’s more, getting yourself in the mood first will help get those nerve endings fired up and ready for the pleasure you’re about to receive, making things even more intense.

How to use love eggs

The array of wonderful features means that love eggs are a multi-purpose and very pleasurable sex toy to introduce into the bedroom. Here are 6 ways to get the most from your love eggs:

  1. Hand Over the Remote
    The true beauty of wireless love eggs is that you can hand the remote control over to a partner and let them take control over your internal pleasure. If you’re using them during foreplay, hand your partner the remote as you’re giving a blowjob or going down on them, that way they can return the favour.
  2. Solo-play
    Love eggs are perfect for solo play. Just pop them in, lie back and play with the settings. As you do this, you can also try a bullet vibrator on your clitoris, providing you with vibrations both inside and outside your vagina. Female masturbation will never be the same again!
  3. Use them whilst you’re out
    This is where it gets really naughty… Pop your love eggs in before you go on a night out with your partner and hand them the remote as you sit down in a bar, restaurant, the cinema, or wherever you’re heading. Let them drive you wild throughout the night, leading to some explosive sex when you finally get home.
  4. Use Them Externally
    The great thing about any vibrating toy is their versatility. Your love eggs can be used externally, just turn on those vibrations and place your toy on the clitoris, nipples or any other spot you find sexually stimulating.
  5. Use them during oral
    If your partner is going down on you, hand them your love eggs to pop in before they get started. As they use their tongue on your clitoris and all over your body, let the internal vibrations from your love eggs drive you wild for some unforgettable foreplay.
  6. Use them on him
    The vibrations from your love eggs will feel great on your male partner’s penis and testicles. Try using them when giving a hand job to provide an extra element of pleasure and really drive him wild.

Love eggs really are one of the most versatile sex toys, bringing together the amazing feelings from their vibrations and the subtlety to use them on-the-go. Although we’ve given you a few ideas to test them out, just have fun and experiment with them both inside and outside the bedroom.

You can browse our full range of love eggs here.