Position: The Rocking Chair

Who knew rocking chairs could be this much fun? If you love sitting sex positions with a twist, then you’ll love this position.


How to do The Rocking Chair sex position

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To master The Rocking Chair, you’ll want to use the edge of the bed — or, if you fancy some fun outside of the bedroom, try a tabletop instead. With your partner's feet planted firmly on the floor, face away from them on your tiptoes and gently lower yourself down, allowing them to support you with their arms. From here, you can build a gentle rhythm, speeding things up when you feel comfortable to do so.

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To adjust the angle and hit all those sweet spots, have your partner lean backwards slightly. From this angle, they’ll be perfectly positioned to stimulate those internal sweet spots while you continue to rock back and forth, racing towards that explosive climax.

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Want to spice things up? Let your partner’s hands wander to your nipples for some tantalising play. Try rotating your hips as things heat up; you’ll work the angle of penetration in new ways that will drive you both wild.

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If you’d rather keep things nice and close, lean back into your partner so they can kiss your back and neck.

Why should I do The Rocking Chair position?

The Rocking Chair offers a thrilling twist on a sitting sex position, with no actual chairs required. Your partner creates the seat, giving you full control and allowing you to bounce, ride and rock your way to an incredible orgasm.

The best part about this position is that it provides the support you need to build a consistent rhythm and really ramp up the heat. The Rocking Chair is sexy and intimate, offering toe-curling angles and opportunities for intense blended orgasms – what's not to love?

Make it hotter

Ladies — to make this position even more satisfying, use one hand to play with your clitoris, or better yet, get your partner to do it! You can even take it one step further and use a bullet vibrator or wand for external stimulation – they’ll find it super hot, and you can just lean back and enjoy those amazing blended orgasms!

Feeling bold? You can up the ante if you have balance; it might take a little practice, but it’s totally worth it. Place the balls of your feet on the edge of the bed or table between your partner’s legs. It’s a little trickier to pull off, but done right, this thrilling balancing act will help you unleash an even deeper level of pleasure.

Perfect Next Position

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Teach Me More

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