Bisexual Sex Positions for Everyone to Enjoy

Good sex is all about breaking away from the routine and trying something different. That’s why we’re always coming up with new positions to help you increase your pleasure in the bedroom and explore new sensations. When it comes to bisexual people sex, there are a lot of different options and ways to pleasure your partner. Whether you’re trying for the first time, spicing up your existing sex life, we’ve got a few great bisexual sex positions for you to enjoy!

The Same Sex Switcheroo Sex position

The Same Sex Switcheroo

The 69 is a classic position for all couples and this twist on a classic is perfect for same-sex couples. Oral sex is a vitally important part of a healthy sex life as it gives you the chance to explore your partner and learn more about what they do and don’t enjoy in the bedroom. Whether you’re experienced at same-sex play or trying it out for the first time, the Same Sex Switcheroo is a great place to start.

For this position, both you and your partner need to lay on your sides on the bed facing each other. Move yourselves into a position when you’re each level with the other’s penis or vulva. From here you can engage in some mutual oral play, both experiencing mind-blowing sensations and learning how to please your partner.

Mix it Up with a Toy: This position is perfect for adding an anal toy such as anal beads or a butt plug, helping you experience anal pleasure whilst getting your oral fix.

Oral Orientation Sex Position

Oral Orientation

For the bi-curious person, or even the more experienced looking to perfect their oral skills, we present Oral Orientation. This position is designed to put the recipient in the perfect position to direct and get just what they want. For the giver, it’s time to brush up on your skills and head to oral orientation!

All you need to do is have the recipient kneel on the floor or bed whilst the giver gets down on their hands and knees. Just crawl up to your partner and you’ll both be in the perfect position to give and receive.

Mix it Up with a Toy: Although this position is heavily focused on oral, that doesn’t mean it can’t be made any more exciting! Hand your partner a bullet vibrator and they can tease you with intense vibrations before and as they orally pleasure you.

Getting to Know You Sex Position

Getting to Know You

Looking for a position where you can indulge in penetration whilst your hands explore the rest? Getting to Know You is the one for you. Using a strap on, Getting to Know You will combine penetration and other stimulation with the hands, making for an all-round amazing experience.

Simply stand behind your partner and have them bend over. Penetrate them (either anally or vaginally) then prepare to make the most of your free hands. From here, you can either reach around and stimulate your partner’s penis or clitoris, or alternatively play with their nipples. There’s so much to explore from this position that you’ll truly get to know your partner.

Mix it Up with a Toy: Whether using a strap on or not, this position can be made much more exciting with a vibrating cock ring. As you’re both so physically close in this position, the vibrations will give you both a little extra fun.

The Bi-Ride Sex Position

The Bi-Ride

When it comes to foreplay and oral sex, sometimes taking control is the only way to do things. The Bi-Ride is perfect whether you like to be a little dominant or submissive.

Depending on which role you want to take, either lay back on the bed or have your partner do so – using a pillow to prop up your head could be useful here for comfort and practicality. Once in position, the other should straddle their partner with their knees either side of their head. From this position, the person on top will have complete control over your oral experience, either pushing down for a more intense experience or lifting up for a break or to tease your partner. Trust us, it’ll be the Bi-Ride of your life!

Mix it Up with a Toy: A dildo can be the perfect addition for this position. The partner sitting on top can reach back and use it either vaginally or anally to help make the pleasure reciprocal and give you both a ride to remember!