Pregnancy Sex Tips

Pregnancy can be a strange time – your body’s changing, hormones are flying everywhere and you’re always knackered. But, you’re still you, and you can still enjoy sex as much as you used to before you fell pregnant – you may just have to mix it up a bit!

We’re here to give you some top tips on having the best sex during your pregnancy, but first, we’ll answer some common questions many expectant mothers (and fathers) have.


Sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe unless you’ve been advised by your doctor or midwife that there may be complications. If you have had any bleeding or spotting in early pregnancy, make sure you speak to your doctor about sex and get the answers you need.

Once you have the green light, it’s go time! Having sex won’t hurt the baby in any way and if your pregnancy has no complications, having sex or having an orgasm won’t increase your risk of going into labour – in fact, there are many proven health benefits of orgasms. So if you feel like it, go for it!



Each person experiences pregnancy differently and there’s no right or wrong way to feel. Some women report having very tender boobs, which can affect lovemaking. Many couples might feel a bit nervous about having sex so avoid getting intimate.

The most important thing is to listen to your body and stop if anything feels uncomfortable or change up your usual style to accommodate your changing body.


Yes, both are normal! In the first trimester of pregnancy, your oestrogen and progesterone hormone levels rise, and these changes can lead to tiredness, queasiness and a loss of sex drive.

However, once the first trimester is over, many women can’t get enough! Thanks to extra blood flow, you’ll be feeling more sensitive down there and each touch can feel amazing – often women report experiencing multiple orgasms for the first time during pregnancy.

Again, it’s different for every woman. What’s most likely to happen is that your libido will fluctuate depending on how you’re feeling emotionally and physically.


So now we’ve got those important questions out of the way, we’re here to help you have the best maternity sex possible. Follow our top tips to help you and your partner keep things hot and fun throughout the nine months.


It’s important to be open and honest with your partner during the whole of your relationship, but voicing how you are feeling during pregnancy is particularly important. If you’re tired, sore or just plain nervous about the process, let your partner know. Encourage them to be open and honest with you about how they’re feeling about the process, as well.

This way, you can work through things together. Discovering what makes you both feel good and in the mood (such as a long relaxing bath together or a bit of dirty talk) will help both you bond and make your sex life all the more fun!


As your body changes over the nine months, so will the different ways you enjoy sex. This is a really exciting time as you can enjoy exploring the different ways you can bring each other pleasure.

If your sex drive is low, you can experiment with massages, touching each other in different ways or with sex toys (make sure you check with your doctor if this is okay first). It’s important to remember that you can have a fun and varied sex life without actual penetration, and often a Moregasm+ Rabbit Ears is a pregnant woman’s best friend!

If you feel a bit dry down there during your first trimester but still fancy getting busy, it’s perfectly safe to use a water-based lube to get things going a little quicker.


If you fancy getting down and dirty in the first trimester, as your body doesn’t change that much, your sex life can pretty much continue as usual.

As you start getting bigger and your uterus grows, a few positions might become uncomfortable. We’ve looked at the best positions for couples – we’ve made sure they’re all fun comfortable and super sexy!

The Spoon

Our favourite intimate position! This is perfect for pregnant couples as it puts no pressure on your stomach yet is almost full body contact. Lie on your side with your partner’s chest on your back. Your partner can then enter you from behind as you both lie on your sides.

Side by side

In this position, you and your partner should lie side by side, facing each other. Then, your partner should put his leg over yours and enter you from an angle. Again, it takes the pressure off your stomach and is a great position for lots of eye contact.


With Cowgirl, you’ll be in full control so you can keep the pace comfortable. Straddle your partner on the bed or with them on a chair. Take full control of speed and depth for a ride you’ll both love.


From the second trimester, it’s best to avoid positions where you’re lying flat on your back, like the missionary position. This can lead to extra pressure and could restrict blood flow to your placenta.

As you get closer to the nine-month mark, some women feel uncomfortable with deep penetration, so prefer to avoid certain positions, like doggy style.

Pregnancy doesn’t mean that you automatically become a non-sexual being. You should be listening to your body and what it needs, and sometimes, that might be sex! As long as you have spoken to your doctor about the do’s and don’ts of your own pregnancy, you can enjoy a fun and varied maternity sex life!

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