The health benefits of orgasms

health benefits of orgasms

Besides being fun and pleasurable, sex also offers many health benefits we all take for granted. Aside from its obvious benefits (wink, wink), lovemaking can boost your overall health and ultimately make you happier, healthier and can even help shift those stubborn pounds.

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Orgasms... Beat depression

People who have regular orgasms are generally more relaxed, less depressed and mentally, physically and emotionally satisfied.
Regular sex helps relieve tension in the body, which encourages the brain to produce serotonin - the chemical that gives the body a 'mood' lift and is commonly found in antidepressants. The amygdala, the part of the brain associated with fear and anxiety, is blocked when the body climaxes, helping general mental awareness.

It can also help you sleep better (which ultimately makes us happier) as it releases neurochemicals, like endorphins, which have sedative effects on the body.

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Orgasms... Ward off illness

According to research from Wilkes University, making love twice a week releases an antibody called immunoglobulin A or IgA, which helps protect the body from infections and illnesses.

Other research suggests that frequent ejaculations in men reduce the risk of prostate cancer later in life. According to the british Journal of Urology International, men who ejaculate five or more times a week, had a lower risk of prostate cancer.

It also helps ward off competition… as men and women are more likely to stay faithful to their partner if they have regular orgasms. The power of oxytocin – a chemical (the 'love hormone' ) which releases the feelings of togetherness, bonding and attachment - leaves those who experience a surge in this hormone regularly feeling more committed to their partner.

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Orgasms... Relieve pain

During sex, a hormone called oxytocin is released when the body climaxes, which increases the level of endorphins that acts like natural a pain relief. Oxytocin is also released from the nerve cells into the hypothalamus (a region of the brain) into the bloodstream which stimulates feelings of warmth and relaxation.

Many notice their aches and pains, like swelling, inflammation and headaches disappear after sex and gradually improve with regular action.

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Orgasms... Keep you young

Regular sex releases a surge of plethora chemicals into the body, also known as the 'happy hormones', and they contain testosterone. As we age, the level of testosterone decreases, so the more sex you have, the more your hormone levels increases.

This surge of hormones helps keep bones and muscles healthy - plus it keeps skin looking plump and youthful.

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