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Our range of anal toys is designed to tease, titillate, and pleasure to new levels of ecstasy. Whether you're looking for anal toys for beginners or you're a bit more experienced, from small to large anal toys, we’ve got it all!

view more Our anal beads, butt plugs and much more await you in our selection of the best anal toys. Just ensure you’ve got plenty of lube at the ready and check out our Anal Sex Guide if you need some beginners tips! If you're looking to add some extra fun into the bedroom with your partner, don't forget to check out our sex toys for couples collection which includes everything you’ll need to explore and experience new levels of pleasure.

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More on Anal Dildos

Discovering new sex toys can be an exciting way to spice things up in the bedroom. Find out more about whether an anal dildo is right for you…

Choosing a Dildo for First Time Anal

Trying first time anal? Choosing the right dildo is the place you need to start. We’d recommending starting a little smaller before graduating up to a large anal dildo. If you’re unsure, anal beads or a butt plug are a good beginner option.

How to Use a Dildo for Anal

Once you’ve picked the perfect anal dildo from the products above, it’s all about using it safely and painlessly. Making sure you’ve got plenty of lube is key here! You can find out more about getting ready in our How to Prepare for Anal guide.

Find the Best Position for an Anal Dildo

Comfort is your number one priority with any anal play, so this means finding the best position to use your anal dildo. We’ve got a whole host of couples and solo sex positions to choose from in our Sex Position library, just experiment and have some fun!