How to Use Jiggle Balls

Some of you have probably heard of them already. But for those who haven’t, we know what you’re thinking: What are jiggle balls, what exactly is the point of using them, and do they really work? Also known as Kegel balls, Geisha balls, Ben Wa balls, love balls and Burmese balls, (call them whatever you like), these beauties are so much more than a sex toy.

Available in many shapes, sizes and sensations, including silicone, metal, weighted and vibrating – here are the reasons why every woman needs to grab a pair of balls, ASAP.

What are jiggle balls?

In simple terms, jiggle balls are weighted balls that can help strengthen the muscles inside your vagina. Kegel balls, jiggle balls or toner balls are all basically the same thing. The muscles specifically targeted are the pelvic floor muscles, which are the muscles you should be able to naturally clench yourself. They’re also the muscles that contract during orgasm, so strengthening these should help take your orgasms to new, more intense levels. Sounds good, right?

How to use jiggle balls

If you’re looking to get in on the jiggle ball action, here’s everything you need to know to get you started.

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As with any sex toy, the first important step is to make sure it’s clean. You can use hot, soapy water or any sex toy cleaner before use, to make sure they’re clean and ready to go.

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We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t advice you to apply lube to your Kegel balls. Why? Because there’s nothing un-sexier than feeling uncomfortable. Try applying some applying some lube to the entrance of your vagina to help you insert them comfortably. As with any kind of penetration, the more relaxed you are here, the more comfortable you’ll be.

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Slowly and gently insert the first jiggle ball by pressing it against the opening of your vagina. You may find a length of silicone connecting the two balls – simply tuck this inside you before gently inserting the second jiggle ball.

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Once you’ve inserted the jiggle balls, you can gently push them further in until you feel they’re secure and you feel comfortable.

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Jiggle balls tend to come with a removal loop – this should sit outside your body, and you can pull on this to slowly remove the balls when you’re ready.

How long can you keep Kegel balls in?

The answer is simple - however long you feel comfortable wearing them. But just to be on the safe side, we recommend you don’t keep them inside any longer than six hours.

What do jiggle balls do?

Jiggle balls and Kegel ball exercises can be used in a variety of different ways to help strengthen your vaginal muscles and enhance your sexual pleasure. Here are just a few ways you can have fun with jiggle balls…

Tone It Tighter

When you insert jiggle balls, you’re instantly working your pelvic floor muscles. The vaginal walls tighten around the balls to hold them in, targeting and strengthening the correct muscle group – much more effective than sitting at your desk squeezing every now and then. Wear them around the house or even out and about for as long as you feel comfortable. Stronger Kegel muscles have been proven to help keep you tight and tone, and result in stronger orgasms – what’s not to like?

Discreet Stimulation

Jiggle balls provide discreet stimulation as you carry out your daily routine. The combination of squeezing your muscles to hold them AND walking creates a whole new feeling you’ve never experienced before. The friction of the slightly weighted balls gently stimulates and puts pressure on your internal nerves – a great way to get slowly turned on before sex or solo play. It’s all about the build-up, and that’s exactly what jiggle balls provide.

Couples Play

The great thing about jiggle balls is they’re also a great addition to foreplay. Put some jiggle balls in just before date night and only tell your partner when you’re in the cinema/restaurant/bar/venue. They’ll be instantly turned on by your kinky secret and be given a hot reminder of how lucky they are to have you. Trust us, you’ll both be racing back to the bedroom!

Life Changing Oral

One thing that will change your life; vibrating jiggle balls during oral sex! Turn on and insert your vibrating Kegel balls, lie back and let your lover get to work. For easy insertion and added sensations try using a stimulating gel, or for a bit of fun, use some flavoured lube to make oral all the more rewarding for you both.

Want to spice it up even more? Use a remote control love egg – the ball may be in your court, but the control is totally in your partner’s hands. Trust us, you HAVE to try this one. For more oral tips, check out our guide on How To Go Down On A Woman.

Let’s talk pelvic floor exercises

Sure, jiggle balls are fun, and they feel great, but they also help you improve your pelvic floor strength. Pelvic floor exercises for women are especially important if you’re suffering with a degree of urinary incontinence or prolapse, but everyone should and can strengthen their pelvic floor.

Here are some simple exercises to try when you’re wearing your jiggle/Kegel/Ben Wa balls:

  1. Once inserted comfortably, tighten your pelvic floor muscles. When done correctly, the balls will lift as you squeeze.
  2. Hold the squeeze for five seconds and then relax for five seconds.
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How to do pelvic floor exercises without equipment

If you’re not quite ready to progress to weighted exercises, you might be wondering how to strengthen the pelvic floor without weights or equipment. Firstly, simply staying fit & healthy helps your pelvic floor muscles. Doing yoga or Pilates to strengthen your core is a great way of keeping your pelvic health in check. Keeping yourself in a healthy weight range is also very important, so look after yourself honey – you’re worth it. If you haven’t got the internal strength to hold jiggle balls in place, simply sit comfortably and squeeze the pelvic muscles 10 – 15 times. The only muscles you should engage are the ones sitting in your undercarriage, so if you feel the thighs, stomach or glutes contracting, try again. It’ll become second nature in no time. Do this for as long as you’re comfortable doing it, whenever you get the chance to do so. Eventually, you’ll work up to jiggle ball strength and it won’t be long before you’re opening beer bottles between your legs. We joke! But you get where we’re going.

Can you walk around with Kegel balls in?

Of course, but this does depend on the strength of your pelvic floor muscles. For women who have a severely weakened pelvic floor, you might want to work on strengthening those muscles in the comfort of your home before you take to the streets wearing your Kegel balls. Once you feel stronger, you can wear your Kegel balls as you go about your daily business (remember to remove them before sex though!)

Whether you’re using them primarily for Kegel exercise or to spice things up in the bedroom, jiggle balls guarantee to increase sensitivity and take your next orgasm to new heights. For our full collection and to find the perfect option for you, take a look at our jiggle balls and eggs. It’s time to get your jiggle on!