Oral Sex Position: Queening

Fed up of doing the same old sex positions and want to try something new? Well it’s time to step up and take your throne – this oral sex position will offer excitement and ensure you’re treated like royalty.


What is Queening?

Queening is an oral sex position carried out between 2 people where one partner kneels over the other’s face to receive clitoral stimulation from the other partner orally. Queening can also be known as ‘facesitting’ but this one has a slight difference. You’ll find out more about that below…

number 1

To master the queening sex position, have your partner lay down flat, with their knees slightly bent for comfort.

number 2

You can then straddle your partner, gently resting over their face and supporting your weight with your knees. While we often refer to these women-on-top oral positions as ‘facesitting’, the key here is not to sit but instead kneel – trust us, it feels much more pleasurable and comfortable for everyone involved!

number 3

You can spice things up at this point by drizzling some edible lube or body paint over your nipples and clitoris. It’ll heighten sensations for you while offering a tasty treat for your partner, too.

number 4

Once you’re in position you can lean your body forwards slightly, holding onto their head for full control while your partner uses their mouth, hands and tongue to pleasure you.

number 5

Relax, enjoy the moment and the big O is bound to follow. Find out more about clitoral orgasms in our guide to different types of orgasm.

Why should I do it?

We firmly believe oral is about so much more than just foreplay and can be as big an event as penetrative sex. Oral is a fantastic option for toe-curling orgasms, especially if you struggle to reach the big O from penetration alone. If you’re looking for an ultra-empowering oral position that feels amazing too, look no further than The Queen. This oral sex position gets it name from women in power as it allows you to take full control. With the queening position, you can let out your dominant side and ride your way to climax at whichever pace, and with the movements that feel best for you.

Make it hotter

From this submissive position, your partner can reach around and stroke your bum, try anal play, or venture up to your nipples to give your erogenous zones even more stimulation. Or, if you fancy taking the kink a step further, you can play around with the control aspect of this position and introduce some gentle restraints for your partner – perhaps a pair of handcuffs.

Oral, power-play and all the control at your fingertips; this naughty but nice oral sex position really does let you live like a queen.