Sex Position: Standing 69

Take a trip down route 69, and have your mind blown whilst you blow.

Oral can be given (and received) in a range of exciting positions, however nothing beats a classic.  But the best just got an upgrade with the standing 69.

Get the ultimate head rush while you receive some insanely good head. Support your weight by resting your thighs on your partner’s shoulders and have them hold onto your waist. Still need a little more stability? Reach out and put your hands on the floor – hand standing for head!

Being upside down means that your blood rushes to your head, giving you a dizzying excuse to get lost in the moment and focus entirely on pleasure. This new position will open up your airways and allow you to fulfil every deep-throat desire whilst being on the receiving end of some seriously good oral. Add some sensational slip with flavoured lube and get ready to orgasm from a whole new perspective.

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From foreplay to the main event, take a trip down route 69.