Sex Positions You Need to Try

These tantalising and fun sex positions are about to rock your world in ways you never imagined. Brace yourself for some next-level O’s as we dive into some of the best sex positions to deepen your bond with each other and leave you in a heap of pleasure.


Embrace your inner deity and enjoy the ride of the Apollo. Inspired by the Greek deity of passion and desire, this position promises to spark a flame like never before. As the giver lifts the receiver with their hands cradling them, have the receiver place their feet upon the giver’s strong shoulders, capturing a sense of trust and vulnerability. With the receiver's arms caressing the giver's neck, enjoy the face-to-face contact, allowing for passionate kisses and some golden intimacy.

Ways to try it: stood, against a wall for extra support, on a table, on the bed


Also known as the side-saddle, the penetrating partner lies back on the bed with their legs over the side, and feet flat on the floor. Their partner then straddles them in a sideways position for deep penetration that hits a different angle to facing one another or facing the opposite direction. The partner on top can grind or use their legs in a rhythmic up and down motion (which is also great exercise) to satisfy themselves and their playmate. This position is perfect for eye contact and lip locking which only adds to the passion and intensity.

Top tip (literally): If you’re on top, wrap your arm around your partners neck for extra support as you bounce up and down whilst the other hand is on their thigh supporting your weight.

The Pretzel

The pretzel is a tasty little sex position that’ll bend your pleasure to new heights. To get into this steamy stance, the receiving partner lies on their side with their top leg slightly bent. Then, the giver slides up behind them, with one leg between theirs and one leg on the outside. As your bodies align your connection intensifies, allowing the person on top to take control. This delicious twist allows for deep penetration and intense G-spot stimulation, making it perfect for those craving a juicy sensory adventure.

Ways to try it: on the bed, on the floor, or anywhere you can get comfy!

The Face-off

Get ready to go face-to-face, bodies pressed together. Have the penetrating partner settle themselves at the edge of a bed or an armless chair. Then, hot with anticipation, the receiving partner straddles them, facing forward. The eye contact and closeness of this position are what make it so intense as your bodies merge in perfect harmony, each exquisite movement drawing you closer. The straddler can use the edge of the bed or chair as leverage to grind their hips back and forth for deep and satisfying penetration that both partners will love. With your eyes locked and breath synchronising, this position is as intimate as it is sexy, you’ll feel super connected as you both arrive in O-Town together.

The Leapfrog

Leap into ecstasy with The Leapfrog. This steamy sex position is all about taking control and exploring new depths of pleasure. One partner assumes the position on all fours (similar to Doggy Style), but before penetration the receiver rests their chest and head on the bed instead of supporting the upper body with the elbows or hands.
Meanwhile, the other partner, fuelled by insatiable hunger, kneels close, ready to penetrate from behind.
It's a fluid symphony of intense connection, where bodies merge, and primal instincts intertwine. The Leapfrog invites you to explore the sultry depths of pleasure, leaving no room for inhibition, and paving the path to pure pleasure

Why Should You Try Different Sex Positions?

Different sex positions keep your sex life thriving with your other half. It’s so easy to stick to the same old same but putting the effort in is what makes a relationship.
Let’s compare it to your weekly meals. You eat the same foods week by week,and yeah, they’re tasty and fill you up. But what if once a week you decided to open one of your recipe books and try something new and exciting? The planning, the anticipation, cooking it and eventually savouring those new flavours and textures. It makes the whole process far more exciting, interesting and most importantly enjoyable.

So, try a new sex position this month, maybe another one next month. Stop sticking to the same recipes and try something exciting and new, you just never know what new flavours you’ll fall in love with and wonder how you ever lived without.

AS x