Tasha x Ann Summers

Since we started working with the incredible Tasha Ghouri, we've learnt so much about what it means to be deaf, as well as being endlessly inspired by her ability to turn any adversity into a superpower.

So when we found out it was World Deaf Day on 24th September, we knew we wanted to give her our PPP platform to share her experience, what she's learnt, and how being deaf has helped her to become the amazing woman we know and love today.

Ann Summers and the Pleasure Positivity Project channel empower and educate on sexual health and wellness, what is the reason wanted to be our PPP ambassador for this month?

The Ann Summers Pleasure Positivity Project is a great platform, it helps people and educated on so many topics such as sexual health and wellness. Also, it empowers women to be themselves and accept everyone for who they are which is really important to me and one of the reasons I wanted to work with Ann Summers as it’s such an important message!

Did you find it challenging to embrace your deafness as a superpower and how was this shaped your identity?

At first it was a struggle to open up and talk about my superpower. I was very introvert and at school I was the only deaf student so I felt a lot more pressure and more excluded as I felt different in a negative way. It took a while to find my confidence and spread my wings, dancing did that for me, it was my safe space where I could feel free and not be judged. My superpower does not define me, it’s something I have that makes me unique but in the most positive way. I now have a platform I can use to educate and raise awareness about deafness and that’s my identity!

What are some of the most common misconceptions about deafness that you've encountered, and how do you address them?

All sign language is the same around the world when this isn’t the case! Sign language is exactly like spoken languages, they’re all different in every country!

Deaf people cannot drive - it was a struggle for me to do my driving lessons / tests as my driving teacher was sat on my left so we had to find ways to adapt and make it easier for me.

Cochlear implants completely restores hearing - cochlear implants do not restore hearing, it’s a device that is surgically done and does not fix my ears! I hear through the implant and not through my ear.

Deafness is genetic which isn’t true as I was born into a hearing family with no genetics in our family! This can happen out of nowhere.

What advice would you give to other deaf individuals who may be facing obstacles in pursuing their passions or goals?

My advice is don’t give up! Be patient and don’t be hard on yourself. Hang in there and take your time, focus on yourself and don’t be scared. Go for things and be fearless! That way you will become unstoppable!

What aspects of sexual wellness / female empowerment do you feel like isn’t spoken about enough?

I think what isn’t spoken about enough is loving our bodies / skin. We now have social media and so much pressure of having to look a certain way. What isn’t spoken about enough is women’s bodies are beautiful, we have stretch marks which is completely normal, we have hormones which can affect our skin, we carry babies, we are strong women and we need to celebrate that more and not compare our bodies and skin to others. It needs to be more about women empowering women and not bringing other women down.