Aaliyah Ramsey x Ann Summers

This month, model and activist @aaliyahramseyy is taking over to talk all things body hair and how throwing out beauty standards helps her feel beautiful and feminine.

What does your body hair mean to you?

Body hair is a big statement to me. It’s a way for me to express that I don’t confine myself to beauty standards, to what society has told me makes me beautiful. It shows strength, power and rebellion.

The sight of a woman in public with body hair remains rare, what made you break this stigma?

I decided when I was 16 that I didn’t want to confide to beauty standards. Even though I was told to shave, I liked my body hair. So why get rid of it? It made me feel beautiful and feminine.

Why do you think we should normalise body hair on women?

I think we should normalise body hair on women because it’s natural. Some people feel empowered by it, some people feel more beautiful without it and that’s also fine. I find it bizarre that we have to have these kinds of conversations about something everyone gets. But these conversations are important, so younger individuals can also realise they don’t have to conform to these ideas of beauty.

What would your top tips/need to know facts you would tell someone who was thinking about keeping their body hair?

Do what feels right for you! If you keep your body hair for a while then shave it off.. that’s your choice! See how it makes you feel. But if you do keep it.. I love to condition mine so they are fluffy and well kept! Haha!

What’s been the best part of keeping your body hair?

Honestly, the way it’s made me feel and the connections I’ve been able to create with women across the world. Being able to have conversations like these so it’s not so taboo!

Have you faced any challenges on keeping your body hair and how did you overcome them?

I faced a lot of challenges. I faced a lot of hate because I was very vocal on trying to break the stigma around body hair, but I kept going because I saw how good it made other people feel. You are always going to face challenges with anything you do, especially if it’s different. But being different is what makes us beautiful and no one should take that away from you.