The Job Squad: 3 Gay Guys Tell All on Anal Sex

The three gay guys who tell it how it is. The Job Squad are back by popular demand and this time they are giving us the complete and uncensored guide to anal sex. Backdoor beginners, head this way to our full anal sex guide

Who better to tell us than the guys who understand the job from both sides of the booty? Get ready for all the details, The Job Squad are giving you full disclosure of everything you need to know about anal. Comment to let us know what else you want them to cover or if you have any burning questions for our boys. #SquadGoals

What’s the big deal? Why are guys so obsessed with anal sex?

A:Its taboo isn’t it. Pushing boundaries and going against the ‘norm’. Straight guys see it as a trophy for their cabinet.

B: To be fair, us gays don’t have much choice; it’s the only hole we’ve got…

C: I genuinely don’t know, I guess it’s taboo and there’s talk of tightness but the anus is totally different to the vagina.

How should you prepare for anal sex?

A: Don’t eat. I Joke. (kinda) But seriously don’t attempt it on curry night of the week and swerve the carbs that day. Be clean and have that 2nd shower of the day.

B: I’m not sure if it’s a standard gay code, or just me and my friends way of talking about it, but I’ve always learnt it as “Mrs. O”.

  • Moisture: make sure you’re properly lubed up to make it more enjoyable and also to keep yourself protected from pain or tearing.
  • Relax: if you’re het up and panicking it’s never going to feel good! Make sure you’re relaxed and in the moment, otherwise just don’t do it!
  • Sh*t: there’s no nice way of putting it, if you need “to go” then anal is a no go zone – that doesn’t mean you necessarily need to have “relieved yourself” before anal, but if you’ve just had a curry think twice…
  • Open up: basically, don’t just ram it straight up there. Use a tongue or a finger or two before taking the full meat – it’ll help relax and ease you into it as well.

C: Mentally. Before any physical preparation you have to be totally comfortable with the idea of it or just don’t bother. Talk about it with your partner first, you need to want it as much as him because it’s definitely a case of mind over matter. Once you know it’s what you want to explore then ensuring you’re as clean as possible. Take a bath, douche, just rest assured it’s actually much cleaner than you might think.

So, we’ve heard of douching… what is it and what do we need?

A: Basically where you car wash your ass. Streams water up there to make it squeaky clean.

B: Douching is a way to clear yourself out inside, so you can be more confident that anal won’t be a messy experience. You shouldn’t see it as something weird or abnormal; it’s essentially a DIY colonic, and let’s face it, all the celebs pay big bucks for somebody to flush their insides with coffee (or who knows what else…!) so why not just do it yourself with some good old fashioned H2O?

How can you be sure you’re totally clean *up there* ?

A: I always say, you just know your own body.

B: To be frank, you can never be 100% sure. It’s natural and should be expected that the occasional “accident” will happen.

C: You can’t and honestly you will probably never be TOTALLY clean. Your man has to know that if he is wanting to explore that particular channel that there is a chance that it might not be pretty.

What lube would you recommend and where should it go?

B: First things first, you DEFINITELY NEED lube (spit just won’t do for this occasion). I’d recommend investing in something a little pricier, so you can rest assure it’ll really do the job – I’ve always got an System JO H2O Anal lubricant in my drawer.
You should lube up in three places: his penis (or your toy), your fingers (or his) and your bum (absolutely).

C: Your bum isn’t like your vajayjay, it doesn’t self-lubricate so you need all the help you can get. Pjur Backdoor Glide lube is good but Ann Summers Booty Relax is my go to. It’s perfect for the (necessary) anal foreplay and has the right consistency to both protect and help enjoy the experience.

Does it hurt?

A: Practice makes perfect. Listen, if you have lots of foreplay and you are totally relaxed you’re gonna love it. The ‘uncomfortable’ bit is when he first enters you. Once he gets going you will be begging for more.

B: Done right it isn’t painful at all; it’s 110% pure pleasure!

C: It doesn’t have to, at all. The more tense you are the more it will hurt. That’s why talking, introducing anal play is important. Just take it slowly, gradually build and relax. Try a small butt plug to begin your anal exploration.

What are your top tips to relax your muscles?

A: If you’re that nervous or tense then build it up with a massage, moving onto him kissing your neck, your back and down to your ass.

B: It’s not really about your muscles; it’s about being relaxed and into it generally. Keep it as intimate as you would with normal sex, making sure you’re keeping up with the passionate kissing, touching and talk as you would normally.

C: Take a bath, relax, mentally prepare and don’t tense up.

What’s your advice to people who have tried to have anal sex before but had to stop due to pain or discomfort?

A: You need to get back on the horse because did you love sex the first time you had it? No. Follow my advice on foreplay, massage and use plenty of lube to prepare yourself.

B: Try it again, but take on board our advice. If you don’t like it second time round, maybe it’s just not the position for you – not all girls like doing it doggy style in the front passage, so maybe you just don’t like it in the back passage.

C: Talk with your man, if it’s the same partner that you had the bad experience with then explain what hurt and have more anal foreplay or start with toys before moving on to the D.

What’s the best position for first time anal?

A: Lay down on your front. It’s easier.

B: I’d say there’s no one ultimate position for a first time (or any time at that) as it all depends on the guy (or toy) and the length, width and angle that they are.

C: Everyone assumes doggy with anal but face to face is much better. Putting your legs up, on his shoulders allows you to open up whilst maintaining eye contact. He’s much more likely to take it slow and be responsive to you when he can read your expression plus you retain the intimacy.

If you’re a bit more advanced, what’s the ultimate position for pleasure?

A: On your back. Legs in the air or around this neck. Its more intimate. You can kiss and he can see your face as he hits every spot.

B: There’s a whole host of things you can try, after all it’s just another hole, so just like your vagina positions are endless! But if you really want to spice things up and open to something more adventurous why not invest in some bondage or role-play item.

C: Ride it like a pony. Get on top and work it.

EVERYONE’S anal nightmare – what if there’s *evidence of where he’s been* afterwards?

A: Have a towel under the bed ready to throw on it and jump in the shower. But he knows the risk so don’t be embarrassed.

B: As crude as it might sound – sh*t happens!

C: Make it worth it. Make it so he couldn’t give a shit. Literally.

What does it really feel like to give and to receive anal sex? Do gay men prefer one or the other?

A: It feels amazing a guys P-spot is up there and when the D is hitting it all your Christmases come at once. I don’t think its good to be ONLY a top or ONLY a bottom. When you have done both you will be better at both.

C: Every gay man has a preference, some will only top, others purely bottom but when you’re in a settled relationship I personally believe that you shouldn’t be defined by one. Why limit the fun? You’re literally halving the pleasure. I guess the biggest myth is that it isn’t intimate because it absolutely is.

Any final words of wisdom?

A: Don’t have anal sex on the first date, babe.

B: Don’t worry, go slow, keep it moist and HAVE FUN!

C: Level the playing field. If it’s your man wanting to do anal, and he’s swaying your decision rather than it being mutual, why not see if he is willing to explore that side too. After all his P-spot is up there. Slipping a finger (or even a toy) into your man during sex doesn’t make him gay. He might not be bragging about it down the pub with his mates but it can heighten his sexual experience as much as yours, and if nothing else he will know how it feels for you!

Lube up beauties,

Love The Job Squad x