Sex Position: The Shard

Fancy some deliciously-deep penetration that will send you wild with desire? It’s time to take your loving to new heights and give your guy a view he’ll never forget with The Shard… This position is incredibly sexy and it ticks all the boxes. Hot, intimate eye contact, G-spot stimulation and a deep intense orgasm that will leave you both wanting more. It’s also really easy to transition into this position from Missionary, so you can manoeuvre with ease when you want to turn the heat up a notch.

Lift both of your legs into the air and support yourself by holding your thighs or resting your ankles on his shoulders. When you’re in position and comfortable, push your thighs together and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles – this will enhance the pleasure for both of you as you tighten around his shaft.

The position should be easy to hold, but if you do get a little tired, you could pop a pillow under your bottom, so you can stay elevated and enjoy every tantalising second.

We know this position already feels incredible, but if you really want to up the ante and increase your chances of a mind-blowing blended orgasm, then why not introduce a couples sex toy into the mix?

A vibrating cock ring is perfect for this position. The vibrations will provide clit stimulation while he works on your G-spot and the ring will help keep him harder for longer. And let’s face it, when he sees how turned on you are, he’s going to need all the help he can get!

Then when the time is right and you can’t take it anymore, climax together for an intense finish you’ll never forget.