Sex Position: The Snail

Slow and steady wins the race — especially in the bedroom.

It might not have the nicest of names, but the Snail is a real love letter to couples who like to slow things down and get a new depth of appreciation. And if there’s one thing this position is great for, it’s getting deep — without sacrificing the intimacy of face-to-face contact that you might crave from your partner.

The Snail is easy to transition into from the Missionary position, but make sure you have plenty of lube at hand to really enjoy the depth of penetration that the Snail allows for.

To get into the Snail position, the receiving partner pulls their knees up to the other’s chest while lying flat on their back and puts their ankles on the other partner’s shoulders as they kneel in front. As the giving partner enters, they can use their body weight to lean forward onto the back of the receiving partner’s thighs, pushing them down to hit that G-spot.

Want to amp up the intensity? Use your fingers — or, even better, a bullet vibrator — for extra pleasure that will help you or her reach an amazing a blended orgasm, even while you go oh-so-slow. Keeping that super-hot eye contact throughout will drive your partner wild; they won’t be able to resist going harder and faster as you begin to climax together.

Going at this snail’s pace will make your heart race.