Sex Position: The Sideways 69

Ever since Bryan Adams sang about his summer of ‘69, the world has gone crazy for the oral position that gives back.

The only problem with traditional 69-ing, though? The neck strain… oh god, the neck strain. With all the best intentions, there’s only so long you can go balanced on top of your partner until your arms begin to weaken, you get cramp in your legs, and you need to rest your head on something. Phew!

The solution? The sideways 69.

The sideways 69 does exactly what it says on the tin. You stimulate your partner orally while they do the same to you… except you do it while lying on your side. That way, it’s easier for everyone, so you can relax, take your time, and build towards that thrilling mutual climax without having to worry about getting tired!

First, find a comfortable place with plenty of room. The bed is always a great place to start.

Start by lying on your side facing your partner. Your head should be towards their feet, and vice versa. Bend whichever leg you’re not lying on, placing your foot down so that your knee points to the ceiling, so your partner has plenty of space to get creative with their hands and tongue. Rest on your elbow for balance.

When you’re both in position, it’s time to let your mouth do the talking. For the best 69-ing, you’ll want to start slow. Get the ball rolling with some sensual touching and kissing — tease the inside of your partner’s thigh with your lips or tantalisingly moving in for some fantastic oral sex.

Once you’ve built up the excitement, it’s time for the main event. Respond to whatever your partner is doing; if your partner is increasing the pace, you should too. The more aligned you are, the better chance there is of the two of you reaching that fabled mutual orgasm… and it’ll feel so, so good.

Want to take it to the next level? Get some toys involved. While they’re teasing and licking your clit, your partner can stimulate with a G-spot vibrator too for double the pleasure. They’ll love having multiple ways to tease you, and you can show them just how much you’re enjoying it by reciprocating on your end!

Be at the top of your game while you’re on your side.