Sex Position: The Column

Get ready for a real standing ovation. The Column is the perfect sex position for intimate, energetic and totally satisfying sex. The best part is that you can do it anywhere — there’s no bed, couch or counter top needed!

For the Column, both you and your partner need to stand upright facing the same direction, with your partner’s chest snuggled close to your back. To begin with, you should entwine your arms to help you both balance and to increase intimacy.

Your partner should then enter you from behind, bending their knees if there is a significant height difference. Then, arch your back and lean forward slightly. Have you partner establish a steady rhythm – both slow and sensual or fast and hard work really well in this position, depending on what you’re into. If you’re having trouble balancing, this position works great up against a wall or when leaning your upper body over a chair.

The angle in which your partner enters you is amazing for deep G-spot penetration, and once you’ve established a rhythm, your lover can move their hands around to wherever takes their fancy. That’s why this position is so popular — your partner can easily stimulate every part of your body, from your nipples to your clitoris.

To take your lovemaking to new heights of pleasure, have your partner hold a bullet vibrator against your clitoris for incredible blended orgasms.

The Column is sexy and intimate, and if you’re into it, it’s the perfect position for having your partner whispering some dirty talk into your ear whilst kissing your neck.