Sex Position: A Royal Ride

Get down like a royal and ride it side-saddle.

The Royal Ride sex position is incredible for blended orgasms and getting more leverage when you’re on-top. Have your partner lay down on the sofa or edge of the bed; lower yourself onto them, keeping your feet on the floor. This position allows you to control both the speed and depth whilst allowing your partner to stimulate your clitoris and/or nipples simultaneously.

Having your feet on the floor means that you are able to use your thigh muscles to control the depth with ease. Grind in slow circles, working your way up and down the shaft. Tease your lover by only allowing them to enter you a little. The majority of a male’s sexual nerve endings are located in the head of the penis, so by only allowing them to enter you by an inch-or-so you are able to provide direct stimulation to this nerve rich area. Just as your partner is approaching their peak, allow them to enter you fully. Mind blown.

As you’re putting in the work, encourage your lover to reach under and massage your clitoris. As this position puts little pressure on your G-spot, external stimulation is key to climax. Have your partner lube up and use either their fingers or a small vibrator for added sensations. If they are using a vibrator they can run the tip from the vagina up to the clitoris, hitting more of your nerve endings but also allowing them to revel in the good vibrations.