Sex Position: The Frisk

The perfect position for a quickie. Whether you’re bent over the kitchen counter or having a change of scene in the great outdoors, The Frisk is the perfect way to get fruity.

The Frisk may be part of your everyday repertoire but it can be made considerably better with a few simple tips.

Get ready to take The Frisk to a whole new level.

Have your partner enter you from behind as you bend over. For deeper G-spot targeting sex, bend further from the hips, holding lower down your shins or your ankles. If you’re flexible enough, place your palms on the floor and have your partner support you by holding your hips, making sure you don’t topple forwards.

As with all sex positions, lube can make The Frisk feel even more incredible. Make sure you’re both lubed up before your lover enters you. Using lubed up fingers, have your partner stimulate your clitoris or nipples. If manual stimulation doesn’t quite get you there, add a bullet and run it from his scrotum up to your clitoris, varying the pressure and speed.

Any position from behind limits the view for the receiver. If you get off on the visuals, place a mirror on the floor between your legs. Watch as your partner enters you and get off on your very own, live action porn film. If you still feel like you’re missing out on seeing your partner, have sex near a hung mirror to sneak peaks of their face and watch just how much they’re enjoying it.

Need a little extra height? Forget wobbling around on tip-toes, rock your most seductive lingerie set with a pair of sky-high heels. Look incredible and make the most of the killer confidence.

Get Frisky.