Sex Position: The Victory V

Valentine’s Day may be over, but this weekend can still be all about romance and passion.

Give The Victory V a go and prepare for mind-blowing pleasure; designed for deep, steady sex, involving minimal effort but providing maximum pleasure. Lay back and have your partner kneel wide as they enter you. Holding onto your ankles, your partner makes your clitoris easily accessible for added stimulation. Circle and rock your hips to ensure that your partner reaches and stimulates your G-spot, just below the cervix, both of which provide plenty of opportunity for orgasm.

Being in full view of your partner allows you to give and receive direction. Communicate your needs through dirty talk or simple facial expression – if they’re doing something right, voice this and encourage them to continue. The exchange boosts sexual confidence and gives you both knowledge to have better sex. Having two free hands in this position provides extra stimulation. Massage your breasts, rub your clitoris or gently tease your partners scrotum for maximum sexual satisfaction.

Vibration can feel great for you both – add a bullet to the mix to explore both of your erogenous zones during sex. Heighten arousal and make all of your hot spots even more sensitive by adding a dollop of Pleasure Gel to your nipples and clitoris.