Sex Position: The Boa

Re-kindle the romance and turn up the heat with The Boa.

This missionary-inspired position is the ultimate for some full-contact lovin’. Don’t be fooled: this super simple position provides whole lot of pleasure.

Girls, climb on top of your partner, support you weight with your hands as you lean forward; intertwine your legs and grind your way to orgasm. The Boa provides direct stimulation to the clitoris, making it the perfect position to try if you usually struggle to reach climax from intercourse alone. Make the most of this romantic sex position with plenty of kissing and maybe even a side of dirty whispers. Slow and steady wins the race with this position so make the most of slowing it down and re-connecting.

If you need a little more stimulation to get you there, cool things down. Add a new sensation with a Cool Tingle Lube. The contrast between the heat of your bodies together and the cool freshness of the lube will heighten feelings and build awareness, taking you to next level orgasm.

If you’re still left wanting more, try out a cock ring. They’re worn by a male partner and provide direct vibration to the woman’s clitoris. The Boa is the perfect position for this kind of toy. The pressure between the two of you will allow for constant stimulation – the angle and pressure will keep the cock ring firmly against your clit.

Try this out – orgasms are guaranteed.

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