Sex Position: Push and Pull

All relationships need a little give and take and a lot of Push & Pull. This may seem like the classic doggy style, but push and pull is all about angles.

Apply lots of your favourite lube and keeping your knees firmly together, have your man enter you from behind in a kneeling position. When you have got into your rhythm and are close to climax, get him to slowly lean back and switch to slow, deep thrusts. By leaning back, the angle of his penis will push firmly against the back of your vagina and hit your G-spot with every lip-biting push. If you can bear the anticipation, use a bullet vibrator on your clit at the same time and get him to pull out and wait for a few seconds. This will leave you begging for more and build up to the mother of all orgasms.

This position is also a great one if you’re using a strap on. Switch roles and experience intense G-spot orgasms if you’re a lesbian couple, or give your guy a climax he’ll never forget by hitting the P-spot and pulling out at the point of climax. Ride on.

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