Sex Position: The Hard Lean

Sex positions don’t have to be hard to get you both off – The Hard Lean is easy to master and makes it even easier for you to cum. This G-spot targeting position involves minimal effort and maximum pleasure, lean back and get off.

Laying on your back, raise your legs and have your partner support your hips – this angle makes The Hard Lean the perfect position to hit your G-spot and deliver incredible, internal orgasms. Need a helping hand? Add a pea sized amount of the G-spot gel to the mix and ensure that your G-spot is extra sensitive and really easy to find. Steady yourself by placing your palms on the floor or around your partner’s legs – once you’ve gained balance, use one hand to stimulate your clit, either manually or with a bullet. The dual stimulation will result in the most mind blowing climax.

Want to share the love? Use the good vibes on your partner. Raise your hand and gently stroke, cup and massage his scrotum. Use your bullet vibe to administer powerful vibrations to his balls and perineum. The perineum is a small area, just before his anus, this space is packed full of nerve endings and allows you to pleasure is P-spot without having a backstage pass.

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