Sex Position: The Full Frontal

Take a seat. It’s time to get fully acquainted with The Full Frontal: the ultimate way to experience incredible oral sex.

Have your partner lay back, and like the queen you are, take a seat on your throne. With your legs bent, kneel either side of their face and lower yourself towards their mouth. Have your partner reach up and use their fingers to expose your clit before they get started – this direct stimulation is guaranteed to make you orgasm in record time. Oil up your boobs and take turns massaging, tweaking, grabbing and groping…

If you’ve never tried face sitting before, trust us: now is the time. Being above your partner is not only a huge turn on for them, but it allows them to deeply penetrate you with their tongue. Want to take even more control? Gently rock your hips and get your grind on.

nd don’t forget to reward your partners good work, because giving feels just as good as receiving, right? Lean back and gently stroke their shaft and scrotum. Use lube to make your hand job extra slippery for intense stimulation. Keep it tasty and opt for a flavoured lube so you’ll get a sweet treat when it’s your turn to return the favour. We don’t know why they called it a blowjob because it should never feel like work. Want to learn more about oral? Get top blowjob tips from our guide and find out what women really want, here.