Sex Position: The Bucking Bronco

Want earth-shattering orgasms? Then try the Bucking Bronco. This fairground favourite is even better when it’s X-rated.

Straddle your partner whilst he’s seated and take turns in rocking and riding. Kneel for a controlled bounce or place your feet either side of your partner and squat your way to hard, fast and intense orgasms. This position allows you both to take the driving seat and alternate between deep penetration and slow, teasing squats. The added friction of his lower abdomen rubbing against your clit makes this a great position to achieve multiple orgasms. Want him to take control? Crouch and hover slightly above him; hold his shoulders and allow him to thrust away beneath you. Giddy up!

This position also gives the opportunity for nipple stimulation. So, make the most of the pleasure receptors located in your boobs and let your partner suck, lick, tweak and stroke. Breast play can be a huge turn-on for you both, too. Want to kick things up a notch? Cover your boobs in nipple rub and have every sensation heightened. Want to find the pain in pleasure? Include nipple suckers or clamps in your Bucking Bronco ride.

Ride it cowgirl!