Sex Position: Spoon-in

Perfect for early morning sex sessions, the trusty spoon is the perfect position to get your kicks and orgasm with minimal effort.

Scoot on back and make the most of his morning wood. The side-saddle position allows you to grind, wind and wiggle your way to mind blowing orgasms; ensuring intense G-spot stimulation. Make sure to arch your back until they hit the spot and move your hips in small circles. Alternately, if speed is the way to your satisfaction, this position allows you to both join in on the thrusting action. Push back against him for fast paced, deep penetration designed to get you both off in seconds.

For super intense results, add a bullet to experience blended orgasms. Which one? Try our Moregasm+ Bullet and let the fun commence. Share the good vibes and run yours along his scrotum during intercourse – be warned though, he might not be able to contain himself…

Want to kick it up a notch? The spoon is the perfect position for exploring anal. Add plenty of lube and control the depth and pace yourself.