Sex Positions: Carry on Climax

Get fast, furious and rampant with Carry on Climax. This sex position is ideal for a quickie and the perfect way to spice things up away from your usual bed bound routine. Jump up and mount your partner, wrapping your legs around their back, with their hands supporting your bum as they push you firmly against the wall. This is the ultimate position for when you urgently need it.

As they enter you, find your rhythm as you both experience the satisfyingly deep penetration this position guarantees. The weight and lift element of this sex position means your clit is in full contact with their body, so add plenty of lube to slide and ride that lip-bitingly good friction as they thrust into you. If you need support for a longer sesh, try it against the kitchen work top or try perching on a desk or the back of a sofa. With your weight supported, this will leave their hands free to explore and allow you to widen your knees for maximum impact. Use your hands to lightly drag your nails up their back and send shivers down their spine.

To add more kink, try using a riding crop and spank them lightly to go faster, harder or keep them under control. Giddy up!