How to Plan a Stag Do: The Ann Summers Guide

How to Plan a Stag Do: The Ann Summers Guide

The pressure is on. The date is saved and the cake is booked, but there’s one more event everyone will be dying to hear about. The Stag Do.

It’s traditionally down to the Best Man to plan the Stag Do, and we hope you take your duties seriously and plan to send the groom off with the bang he deserves. It’s a big responsibility, but don’t panic! We’re here to help, with the Ann Summers guide on how to plan a Stag Do. We’ll take you through it step-by-step and with some excellent suggestions along the way.

First things first...

Even if you’re not jetting off on holiday, a Stag Do does require at least some planning. Turning up at your local pub for a few the night before the wedding might seem like a good idea, but it doesn’t exactly show you’ve put a lot of effort in, lads.

Talk to the groom

Chances are, the groom has the perfect Stag Do in mind. He might even have been planning it long before he popped the question! Regardless, remember that it’s his day, and whatever the groom wants, the groom should get.

Come up with a guest list

Again, you’re gonna want to work with the groom on this one, so ask him which people he would like to accompany him on his last night of freedom. Try and limit numbers to between eight and 20, depending on what you’re doing. Any more than that and the whole thing might get out of hand... and not in the good way.

If you’re unsure about inviting certain people (the topic of the bride’s father coming along can be a difficult one to judge), then you can always plan a separate low-key night. Simple.

Pick a date and talk to the Stags

Once you have a guest list, it’s time to reach out to the Stags and start planning. Thanks to technology, the easiest way for you to all keep in touch is with a WhatsApp group or private Facebook message. It’s easy, less time-consuming and you can get in touch with everyone at once.

When everyone is added to the group, talk about dates and budget. If people have to cough up a fair amount of cash (something you won’t know until you plan the later steps), have a payment plan and keep on top of people – no one should get a free ride!

Now you’ve got the admin out of the way, it’s on to the good stuff...

How to pick a Stag Do destination

Choosing the perfect Stag Do destination is an essential part of giving your best mate one last huge blowout, but it’s a tricky one to get right. Planning a classic British stag do only needs a few important things: Stags, booze, fun, and a bed to collapse on.

The world really is your oyster here, and there are dozens of places to go for the ultimate guy get together. It all depends on your budget and the preferences of the groom. But never fear, whether you’re having a wild ‘staycation’ in the UK, wreaking havoc in Europe or bringing trouble abroad, Ann Summers is here to help.

Top 10 Stag Do destinations

Amsterdam, Holland

No list of top Stag Do locations would be complete without mention of Amsterdam – its reputation precedes it. A top backdrop for any Stag Do, Amsterdam is full of cool bars, it’s easy on the eyes and there’s certainly plenty to get up to.

Budapest, Hungary

If you thought Budapest was a sleepy European city full of history, then think again. The nightlife here is something to be reckoned with. Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Known as ‘Festival City’, the people in Edinburgh sure know how to throw a party. It’s a stunning place to be and famed for its whisky, so drink up lads.

Newquay, England

After something action-packed? Then Newquay is for you. A whole array of watersports are open to you here, and once you’re done hitting the beach, the town wakes up for one hell of a party.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague ticks all the boxes. Fine beer, good to look at, and just a short flight away. What more could you want?

Dublin, Republic of Ireland

If you don’t want to fly halfway around the world but still fancy leaving the UK, a ferry to Dublin is quick and easy. There’s certainly no shortage of nightlife in this city, and of course, don’t forget to visit the world-famous Guinness Storehouse.

Bangkok, Thailand

If you’ve got a bit more cash to flash, Bangkok should be high on your list. Everything is cheap and the bars range from back-alley rooms to superclubs perched at the top of skyscrapers.

Las Vegas, United States

Sin City – the reasons why Vegas should be your Stag Do location can be summed up in the name. It’s like Disneyland but for grown-ups. Casinos, sunbathing, swimming pools, 24-hour drinking and eating… Need we say more?

Ibiza, Spain

Home to world-famous clubs, Ibiza isn’t just the target of university kids on their hols. Party from dusk till dawn and then recover on the beach till you’re ready to do it all over again.

Malia, Crete

Home to one of the biggest party scenes in Europe. Gorgeous beaches and incredible nightlife all add up to the holiday of a lifetime.

Stag Do party ideas

Picking the perfect Stag Do activity is a delicate balance, just like deciding on the location. It’s all about finding something that the groom wants to do (it is a celebration for him, after all) and something that is going to excite the rest of the group. Are you up to the task, Best Man?

Drink all day

Party all night. If you’re after a classic Stag Do that’ll provide a night the groom will never forget – or never remember, depending on how you do it – then hitting the bars and drinking is a good choice. It’s tradition, after all.

Organised drinking

Now before you accuse us of making the previous suggestion more boring, hear us out. Whisky tasting in Edinburgh, Guinness in Dublin, gin tasting in Europe – you get to try some of the highest-quality alcoholic drinks out there, and lots of them, before hitting the town. Aren’t you glad you listened?

Adrenaline-fuelled fun

Nothing brings the lads together like something dangerous that gets the heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing. Try track racing, where you can get behind the wheel of some of your favourite cars, or paintballing, where you can hit each other with paintballs of course.

What to take on a Stag Do

The hotel is booked, the activity is organised and the flights are ready to go. But hit the brakes for a second. The big day is getting closer and you still haven’t packed. Hey, we’re not nagging, but not having the proper equipment can derail a cracking Stag Do in a second.


You might be thinking, well duh! But you’d be surprised how many people forget to pack properly! Think about where you’re going. Is it hot? Cold? Will you be on the beach? Will you need a suit for formal evenings?


There’s no doubt you’ll remember your phone. You might even throw in your charger at the last minute. But have you remembered adapters? If you’re heading to another country, you don’t want to be left without any power!


This includes bank cards and hard cash. You don’t want to be hit with a hefty bank charge for using your card abroad, but then again it’s good to have it for emergencies.

The good stuff...

We know – reminding you to pack your phone charger doesn’t exactly scream “lads lads lads!” But you’ll thank us in the long run, and know we’re on to the true essentials – the ones you’ve been waiting for. The good times are on us.

No Stag Do is complete without novelty accessories. We’ve got everything you need to fill your night with laughs. Looking for a blow-up sheep to force the groom to carry round? We can help you there. Or what about a lady friend? We’ve got your back.

Time to explore...

Whatever you’ve got planned, make sure it’s a night the groom will take with him. And remember: what happens on the Stag Do, stays on the Stag Do.

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