This Month's Ambassador

Our Pleasure Positivity Project launched in July 2019 with the mission of breaking down the taboos surrounding female sexuality.

Female sexual empowerment has been in our DNA for decades, and this project uses our voice and our expertise to close the orgasm gap.

Every month we will be joined by an inspirational Guest Editor to share their expertise, knowledge, and advice as well as their toy edit.

In her lifetime, a woman
will miss out on...




Crystal is a gender-bending drag artist and presenter, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Season 1 contestant, and the host of celebratory queer podcast The Things That Made Me Queer.

Crystal believes drag is a vehicle to dismantle the patriarchy and liberate us from gender norms. Drag uses radical self-expression to show us that there are no rules, other than what we impose on ourselves.


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