Pleasure Positivity Project

Our Pleasure Positivity Project launched in July 2019 with the mission of breaking down the taboos surrounding female sexuality. Female sexual empowerment has been in our DNA for decades, and this project uses our voice and our expertise to close the orgasm gap.

In her lifetime, a woman
will miss out on...



Our manifesto outlines the action we’re taking to close this gap.

Meet our Campaign Director

Megan Barton-Hanson

“Men freely speak about sex – women should be the same.”

Megan Barton-Hanson

I’m really proud to launch ‘Megan loves…’, my own edit of toys that I wanted to share with you all. As Director of the Pleasure Positivity Project, I’ve been speaking to the sex toy experts at Ann Summers selected my favourites. Each month I’ll be sharing my top picks with you so look out for more soon!’

It’s Masturbation May and what better time to explore and enjoy yourself than in a lock-down? I’ve specially chosen these picks for you to try as they’re guaranteed to make this your best Masturbation May ever!

Fusion Rechargeable Remote Control Egg

What I like about this egg is that it doubles as a solo toy as well as a fun toy for couples. Despite the simplicity of the remote, this toy is so rewarding, and there are so many different settings to try out.

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Weighted Metal Kegel Love Balls

Don’t forget the importance of keeping your pelvic floor toned. Using these balls is a comfortable way to strengthen the muscles supporting your inner organs. Not only that, but this does wonders for the intensity of your orgasms.

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Couples Foreplay Set

It’s easy to slip into a routine with your partner, but it’s nice to try out new things and learn more about yourself and each other. This set is perfect as an introduction for those wanting to spice up their sex lives and achieve increased levels of pleasure during foreplay.

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Whisper Quiet Vibrator

It’s great as it Ann Summers’ quietest vibrator! It comes with a cute lockable bag - perfect to disguise when travelling!

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We Vibe Moxie Remote Control Panty Vibe

This is an exciting toy which can really spice things up with a partner, it’s perfect for foreplay allowing one of you to control, whilst the other can fully relax, and vice versa!

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7 Speed Curved Bullet Vibrator

I love the rose gold colour. This might be one on the smaller side but it is still just as powerful with 7 speeds and at a really affordable price!

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Moregasm+ Petite Rabbit Pink

I find that despite being smaller, this rabbit can still do so much! It gives such a range of intensity and I love how much of an all-rounder it is with the different vibration settings. It’s a really great option for beginners due to its soft silicone feel and size, making it discreet.

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Moregasm+ Green Wand

I love the Moregasm wand as it can take climaxes to the next level! It has 10 varying patterns and functions that are so easy to control allowing you to be in charge of your pleasure and feel pleasured, every time. It’s also waterproof.

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My Viv Candle

The My Viv range is really lovely for anyone looking to ease themselves in to sex toys and pleasure. Not only are the My Viv products great first toys, products like this candle can be a perfect way to turn on your partner and really set the mood. I find that using this candle can really increase the intimacy and heighten the senses - and it smells great!

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Whisper Rabbit

The whisper collection is our quietest range of toys and is as quiet as – yes, you guessed it – a whisper! The rabbit is obviously the iconic Ann Summers toy and I absolutely love it because it stimulates your clitoris as well as internally for mind-blowing blended orgasms. The challenge is if you can keep quiet!

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Slender G Spot Vibrator

Ladies now is the time to meet your new best friend – your G-spot! This toy is one of my favourites because it’s perfectly sculpted to hit the spot. It has 6 vibration settings so you can work your way up to something spectacular – maybe even the elusive female ejaculation…?

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Moregasm+ Bullet

The bullet is probably the most versatile toy in my collection – you’ve probably thought of using it on your clitoris but what about your nipples, or during sex, or on your partner? The only limit is your imagination! Play with all the vibration settings and pulse patterns to mix things up too.

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And right now, when ‘staying in is the new going out’, there’s no better time to explore what feels good, try new things – either on your own or together – and empower yourself sexually. We gathered some of our most popular guides, and wrote some new ones, to help you put this time on your hands to good use. And don’t forget, orgasms are good for both your physical and mental health!

If you’re spending time on self love, here are some of our favourite tips for masturbation:

If you’re spending time with your partner – these are our most popular guides for couples:

And if you’re using your time to explore something new, we show you how to get started:

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