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Our Pleasure Positivity Project launched in July 2019 with the mission of breaking down the taboos surrounding female sexuality.

Female sexual empowerment has been in our DNA for decades, and this project uses our voice and our expertise to close the orgasm gap.

Every month we will be joined by an inspirational Guest Editor to share their expertise, knowledge, and advice as well as their toy edit.

In her lifetime, a woman
will miss out on...




For this month's PPP, we wanted to get you up close and personal with someone who can really help you make the most of Masturbation May. Step forward Scotty Unfamous (Shakira Scott), an award winning erotic fiction writer and 'sexfluencer', whose openness, honesty and work in removing the stigmas around sex constantly inspire us. While we feel like we could spend hours talking about anything and everrrrything to Scotty, we're zoning in on Virtual Sex, and how to make screen time sexy. We'll be talking about what Virtual Sex is, in its many forms, why it's so damn good, how to make it work for you and, importantly, how to set up healthy boundaries when you get started. She’s an absolute no-holds-barred joy, and we know you're going to learn loads and absolutely love her.

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Fran Newman-Young