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Our Pleasure Positivity Project launched in July 2019 with the mission of breaking down the taboos surrounding female sexuality.

Female sexual empowerment has been in our DNA for decades, and this project uses our voice and our expertise to close the orgasm gap.

Every month we will be joined by an inspirational Guest Editor to share their expertise, knowledge, and advice as well as their toy edit.

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Hey everyone. I’m Ashley!

I’m a DJ, empowerment coach and most recently I’ve begun my new role as a Mama to baby Alfie!

I’ve always used my platforms to encourage women to embrace their bodies and their feminine energy. Having given birth recently, I’ve not only seen my body change throughout pregnancy and birth, but I’ve also realised how much stigma and shame there is around the postnatal body and its recovery. I never realised how much confusion there is around sex in pregnancy and how much fear there is around having sex again post birth. For me, finding the ‘sexy’ Ashley was crucial for feeling like myself again.

Ann Summers invited me to curate an edit of toys and sex essentials to help you embrace your sexuality whilst pregnant or after birth. So whether you’re trying to regain that spark with your partner, trying to increase your oxytocin levels, or just trying to embrace your new body, hopefully this edit will help you to gain pleasure in your sex life whilst also strengthening your pelvic floor.

Toy Picks

We Vibe Bloom

"I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you how important your pelvic floor muscles are when it comes to childbirth. Pelvic exercises are also a crucial part of my postnatal recovery. The stronger the muscles the better, so why not make it pleasurable? These kegal balls not only vibrate, but you can also hand your partner the remote to take control."

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Self Love Clitoral Massager

"This non-invasive vibrator has several uses: a toy to enhance your sex life, or a way to have some alone time and release those essential endorphins either before or after birth. We all know that orgasms help the baby to come AND help with your milk supply, plus it’s great to have a toy in order to reconnect with yourself even before you get the all clear for sex.”

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My Viv Pelvic Floor Training Set

“Once you’ve got the all clear for penetrative sex or solo play, this pelvic floor training set is a great way to strengthen your pelvic floor back up. A strong pelvic floor helps with tightness, incontinence, prolapse all whilst improving your orgasm strength.”

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Exsens Angels Dream Pheremone Body Mist

“Let’s be honest, the smell of nappies and lack of sleep can make it difficult to get in the mood, so using this body mist just helps to switch up the scent and help you to feel sexier.”

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My Viv Epsom Salts

“Bath time has become my favourite part of the day - that time I get to myself to unwind. It’s also the perfect way to switch up your mood from daytime mum to sexual lover. Or just to help you unwind and sleep better.”

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Amethyst Sweet Almond Massage Oil

“Whether you don’t have the all clear for sex or don’t quite feel ready, you can find ways to be intimate with your partner. I find kissing and a good massage a great way to stay connected without actually having sex - plus a massage really helps when you spend your days carrying a baby around - win win.”

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Liquid Satin Multi Lube

“Name a more iconic duo than a postnatal vagina and lube. I’ll wait.
Many women experience dryness after giving birth, especially if breastfeeding, so whether for sex or pelvic floor training, a good lubricant is as practical as it is pleasurable.”

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