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Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween. It’s all about freaks and kinks, so of course we’re the best people to party with. As ever, we’re here for our superfreaks and our thrillers, for anyone who want to get dressed up and go wild...


From our greatest hit, the tuxedo bunny, to a little faux-leather update, we’ve got just the Halloween sexy bunny look for you whether you’re up to no good or in for a treat.

Bad bunnies

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Our cheeky devils are here to stand out in a crowd. Bodystockings and dresses, faux-leather and lace, horns and harnesses - add extra naughty details to your devil Halloween costume.

The Devil’s in the details

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A fierce feline who wears catsuits and behaves badly is on our wave length. These Catwoman Halloween ideas are just for you.

Wild Cat

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Our dark angels may be sent from heaven this Halloween, but they still know that sometimes sinning is winning. This dark angel Halloween look is for our good girls who just can’t help but be a little bit naughty…

Spread your wings

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Warrior Woman

This Halloween, we’re introducing our badass warrior woman who takes no prisoners, and whose weapons are a paddle and a pair of cuffs.

Woman on a mission

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Make the skeleton your super sexy Halloween companion. Sheer or shiny, harnessed or jewelled, if you want your body to do the talking, walk this way…

Bare bones

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Mythical Creature

Add a supernaturally sexy twist to dark fairy-tales to unleash your inner folklore freak this Halloween with our mythical creature look.

Wild Wonders 

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