We never stop in our quest to bring you the most technologically advanced sex toys to give you insane orgasms. This time we've outdone ourselves. Clear your toy box and scroll down to discover the world's most powerful vibe collection, exclusive to Ann Summers. The orgasm revolution is here. Are you ready?

The stats

We aim to give British women their longest, most intense orgasm ever - or their money back. How are we so confident Moregasm will do the trick? Just take a look at the feedback from our tester panel. The numbers speak for themselves...



of those who tried the Moregasm range achieved an orgasm



claimed they had their deepest, longest climax with Moregasm compared to other sex toys they've used



of men who used the Moregasm cock ring experienced their best orgasm compared to other cock rings they've used in the past.



of users claim they felt the vibrations as far up as their chest and as low as their knees and toes.



said they would recommend Moregasm to a friend.

The average number of orgasms achieved during one session using Moregasm was 2.

The most orgasms achieved by one user was 6!

Climax Technology

So what makes Moregasm different?

Climax Technology is a new motor designed exclusively by our experts. It works by sending deep, low frequency waves of vibration throughout your entire body, reaching over 15,000 nerve endings - that's twice as many as any other vibe on the market. It targets your deepest pleasure points to trigger ripples of pleasure that surge towards your most intense orgasm...ever.

Don't just Orgasm. Moregasm.

The Moregasm One

A Rabbit like no other

Our most technologically advanced Rabbit. The Moregasm One's curved shaft targets your G-spot with earth-shattering impact. Experience 3 intense vibration speeds and 3 pulse settings to target your deepest pleasure points, while our signature Rabbit ears target vibrations straight to your clitoris.

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G-spot Vibrator

Sculpted to target your G-Spot

The Moregasm G-Spot Vibrator features a curved, sculpted shaft to target your G-spot. The vibe is loaded with 3 pulses and 3 powerful speeds, starting from a low rumble to an intense, deep vibration that's off the Richter scale.

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Cock Ring

Build the tension, play nicely and come together

The Moregasm Cock Ring is designed to keep him harder for longer, while the extended silicone base is designed to send earth shattering vibrations to drive you both wild during sex. It's small but mighty.

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Rabbit Ears

Ergonomically curved for contact

A clit stim like no other, the Rabbit Ears' smooth curve and flattened design allows for maximum contact when pressed against your body. This means the intense vibrations reach the wider area with incredible impact.

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Our Moregasm collection, exclusively designed by our in-house experts, encompasses everything that our brand is about - it's unique, daring and it's all about customer satisfaction. - Jacqueline Gold, Ann Summers CEO
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