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Get to know your boobs, and give yourself the best chance of beating breast cancer.


Ann Summers Proudly Support CoppaFeel! This Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We're proud to announce that Ann Summers has become an official supporter of breast cancer charity, CoppaFeel!

The partnership will launch in October to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month and help shout about CoppaFeel!'s crucial message - that knowing your boobs and checking regularly is the best way to know if something changes. CoppaFeel!'s current pioneering campaign is all about knowing what normal feels like for you. The majority of people when asked what one word, would you use to describe your boobs will say something to do with size or shape. Chances are, right now you are thinking of something like big, small, pert or saggy. Well #WhatNormalFeelsLike is trying to change that and encourage everyone to feel their breasts and think about the word that comes to mind. So go on, get coppin'. Are they soft, squidgy, sensitive perhaps?

As a brand by women, for women, we're dedicated to helping CoppaFeel! spread the word. Here at Ann Summers, we love boobs all year round, and by proudly supporting CoppaFeel! we hope to generate awareness and remind women to routinely coppafeel. So go on - #ShowThemSomeLove!

Jacqueline Gold, CEO of Ann Summers, says:

"We are incredibly proud to support CoppaFeel! and their vital message. Breast cancer devastates the lives of too many women, and it is our hope that this partnership will help remind all our customers to check themselves often, be aware of the symptoms and give generously this October to CoppaFeel! who work tirelessly in the fight against breast cancer."

Kris Hallenga, CEO of CoppaFeel!, says:

"Working with Ann Summers throughout October and beyond gives CoppaFeel! an amazing platform to reach our core target audience. The partnership delivers presence of our important message in-store, online and in customer's own homes ensuring frequency of message that will make a great impact"

  • Know the facts
  • Almost 10% of diagnosed cases of breast cancer are at stage 4
  • Kills 12,000 people every year
  • Most common form of cancer in the UK
  • Most common cancer in women under 39
  • Nearly 55,000 diagnosed annually


Not sure what's you're looking for? Here's a list to look out for. If in doubt, get it checked out.

Need help remembering to coppafeel?

Text ANN SUMMERS to 70300* (UK only) to receive your FREE monthly text reminder to check yourself.

To make a Donation

Text COPPAFEEL to 70500* (UK only) to donate £5 to CoppaFeel! charity

*Standard network rates apply for the text you send to set up

** CoppaFeel! (registered charity number England and Wales: 1132366) will receive 100% of your donation. You will be charged for one standard text message plus your donation. Always get the bill payers permission. If you don't want CoppaFeel! to contact you by text in future, add the words NO INFO (e.g. COPPAFEEL NO INFO) when texting your donation.