Spellbinding Halloween
make-up tutorials


Gore blimey!

These talented YouTube beauty bloggers ('vloggers') have been busy getting creatively creepy with their make-up brushes and have produced these frightfully fabulous looks based around an Ann Summers Halloween outfit.

Watch and learn how to adorn your face and recreate these ghoulish get-ups, or just sit back and be amazed by their eerie efforts.

She might be loved

Dark Angel Halloween make-up tutorial

Georgina creates a ghoulishly dark angel look with clever skin contouring, black lipstick and smoky eyes. She rocks the Ann Summers Fallen Angel dress, accessorised with fluffy halo and wings.

Dead maid halloween make-up tutorial

Watch and be amazed as Georgina transforms into a ghastly deceased maid, using white base foundation, grey contact lenses, strong defined eyebrows finished off with a gruesome slit neck, created using fake blood. Georgina based her dead maid look around the Ann Summers Mistress Maid outfit.

Little Dreamer Girl

Enchanting witch halloween make-up tutorial

Abigail creates a sexy, vampish look based around the Ann Summers Enchanting Witch outfit and Sexy Witch Accessories pack - but with a vampire twist! Watch and learn as she transforms from cute girl-next-door to fang-tastic Vampire girl, using big eyelashes, blood red lipstick and strong, defined eyebrows.

The Make Up Fairy

Alluring vampire halloween make-up tutorial

Joanne creates a blood curdling look based around the Ann Summers Sexy Vampiress outfit. Expect gorgeously defined brows, lips and eyes with a dash of spine chilling, bloody extras.