The Best Oral Sex Positions

There are a variety of different ways to make love and one of our favourites is the intimacy and pleasure of oral sex. Whether you love it as part of a heavy foreplay session or simply prefer it to penetrative sex, oral sex is a super-hot experience for many couples.

If you’re the one receiving, you get an amazing, sensual experience that will ignite all your senses. If you’re the one giving, feeling someone getting turned on and watching them get closer and closer to climax is one of the hottest experiences you can have.

We’ve put together a list of some of our absolute top oral sex positions – from the straightforward to the kinky. So, turn the lights low, get the edible lube out and get ready for a night in that you’ll both have a hard time forgetting…


This is the oral sex position with a little something for everyone. If you’re the one receiving, get down on all fours with your partner doing the same behind you. Your partner can then use their fingers, tongue or any number of different sex toys, like a clit stim, to get you off.

If you’re the one giving and your partner is male, we recommend using your hands and your tongue combined with a vibrating butt plug or prostate massager. The sensations may be a bit new to him at first, but we guarantee he’ll love having your full attention down there.

As we said, this position has something for everyone. You’re both likely to experience a new and different level of climax, and we think things get a little more exciting when you’re both on your knees!  Why not give it a go, and then swap positions?


Get ready to reach new heights of pleasure and feel your adrenaline pumping like never before with the Riding High position. This is a really intimate position where you can get up close and personal with your partner. They’ll love feeling you surrounding them and you’ll be left screaming for more!

Kneel over your partner’s face and support your own weight on your knees. Allow them to grab your bum and control how you move. Add some flavoured lube to make things even more fun for the both of you!


If you love a traditional 69, then we have a real treat for you. The Standing 69 may take a bit of manoeuvring, but once you’re there, you won’t want to go back! Again, this position has a little something for everyone. You can stimulate your partner while they hold you up and pleasure you, or the other way round depending on who has the best upper-body strength!

Have your partner hold you upside down and rest your thighs on their shoulders while they hold onto your waist. Put your hands on the floor if you need a little extra balance. Your pleasure will be intensified as the blood rushes to your head, and you’re in the perfect position to return the love and stimulate your partner exactly how they like it.


A little easier than the Standing 69 but a little more fun than the normal 69, the Sideways 69 is the perfect oral sex position for those who love to use their hands.

Lie on your side and have your partner do the same but the opposite way. While performing oral on each other, your hands will be free to roam around their body. If you’re looking for an even more intense orgasm, or even a blended orgasm, use your free hands to add a sex toy or two into the mix. Take a look at our couples sex toys for some inspiration.


It’s time to use that core strength (you did all those planks for a reason!) for some fun with the Bow Down. This position is maybe not the easiest, but you’ll be performing handstands in no-time with a bit of practice, and then the fun can begin.

Get into a handstand position with the wall supporting you. Then, have your partner bend over, like they’re bowing down to you, and start the action.


The Full Frontal is an oral sex position that will leave the receiver in complete control. It’s incredibly intimate and feels absolutely amazing for both partners.

Have your partner lie on their back on the bed. Then, kneel over their face for some incredibly mind-blowing oral sensations. As you both get more into it, spread your legs out in front of you so you’re completely exposed to your partner. What’s great about this position is that your partner can also get themselves off while pleasuring you, either using their hands or a whole range of different sex toys.

Oral sex is one of our favourite things to do and trying out these positions just makes things even more exciting. If you’d like to try other forms of non-penetrative sex, check out our guide to nipple orgasms or our top tips on how to give a great hand job