Campaign Covid Safety Measures

To ensure the safety of everyone on our campaign shoot, we strictly adhered to the UK’s government coronavirus regulations at the time.

A thorough Covid Risk Assessment was carried out prior to the shoot, and several measures were put in place to ensure that we kept our colleagues, cast and crew’s safety at the heart of our planning.

The measures included, but were not limited to;

  • Health check forms completed 24 hours before arriving on set
  • Staggered call times to ensure no grouping at shoot location entrance.
  • Cast and crew on location for the shortest time possible
  • Temperature checks prior to entrance
  • Every cast member given a designed named seat (socially distanced)
  • Face coverings and individual hand sanitisers provided to every member of the cast and crew on arrival at entrance
  • Face coverings & PPE worn at all times off set, and only removed by cast for each shot
  • Garments worn were put into named bags after each shot

At the location itself;

  • Covid officer on site at all times
  • One-way systems marked around the site
  • Cleaning and sanitisation stations
  • Green rooms spaces marked out to ensure social distancing
  • Hotspots such as handles, chairs, tables, clothing rails were continually cleaned and sanitised
  • Medic, cleaner and a health and safety officer on site the whole time

Ann Summers takes the health, wellbeing and safety of our colleagues, cast and crew seriously. If you would like further information on the measures in place during this shoot please email: