Couples Therapy

Couple’s Therapy: When to Reach Out

Keeping the flame alive in your relationship isn’t a walk in the park. We all know that navigating the ups and downs of love can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster ride, especially when it comes to the bedroom. Are you feeling a little torn in your relationship? Counselling for couples is a wonderful option that could help you navigate those bumps in the road - and spice things up in the process.

Do I need couples therapy?

If you've been feeling a bit disconnected from your partner lately, whether it's sexual frustrations, communication hiccups, or just feeling a bit stuck, then therapy could be a helpful tool to get you both back on track. Major life transitions such as marriage, parenthood, or career changes can also prompt seeking therapy. Regardless of any relational issues, counselling can be used at any point in a relationship as a proactive step towards growth and understanding.

Does couples therapy work?

Think of it as a little boost for your relationship, like trying out a new toy to add some excitement to the bedroom. It's about investing in your connection, supporting each other through challenges, and building a stronger, more satisfying bond. Therapy helps tackle any pesky issues - like stress or past baggage that might be cramping your style. For instance, it can significantly enhance intimacy and satisfaction in the bedroom by addressing underlying issues that may impact sexual health and connection.

Therapists create a safe space for partners to openly discuss desires, concerns, and preferences. They can also help identify and address any physical or emotional factors impacting sexual well-being, such as stress, anxiety or past traumas. Ultimately, couples therapy empowers partners to cultivate a deeper, more fulfilling sexual connection, and enjoy a more vibrant and satisfying sex life together.

What kind of therapy is best for couples?

In the UK, we're spoilt for choice when it comes to therapy tailored to our unique needs.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
CBT is like a mental workout, targeting those pesky negative thought patterns and behaviours. It's all about flexing those mental muscles to rewire your brain for positivity and empowerment.

Emotionally Focused Therapy
EFT is the emotional deep dive you never knew you needed. Dive into the depths of your heart and explore your attachment styles, fostering a connection that's hotter than a summer romance.

Gottman Method Couples Therapy
Think of this style like a relationship boot camp, but way more fun. Get ready to sharpen those communication skills and master conflict resolution like a pro. The Gottman method seeks to turn relational hurdles into bonding opportunities.

Psychodynamic Therapy
This approach is your ticket to unlocking the mysteries of your mind. Explore the hidden depths of your unconscious, uncovering the secrets that shape your thoughts and behaviours.

Intregrative Therapy
Integrative therapy is like a therapeutic buffet where you can mix and match different approaches to create a custom blend that's just right for you and your partner.

With such a smorgasbord of styles available, you and your beau can find therapy that's as unique and spicy as your relationship, setting the stage for a love story that's hotter than a steamy romance novel.

What happens to couples during couples therapy?

For those completely new to counselling, you can expect a judgment-free, safe space where you and your love can open up about everything - from your wildest dreams to your deepest fears. With the therapist as your guide, you'll dive into your relationship dynamics, peel back those layers, and gain new insights into each other's worlds.

Together, you'll tackle past experiences, spot patterns of behaviour, and uncover perspectives you never knew existed. Through exercises and heart-to-heart chats, you'll arm yourselves with practical tools for smoother sailing ahead whether that's resolving conflicts, strengthening trust, or dialling up the intimacy.

Can couples therapy bring back love?

Can love truly be reignited through couples therapy? Absolutely. Therapy provides a safe space to explore challenges, communicate effectively, and cultivate intimacy. With the guidance of a skilled therapist, couples can uncover underlying issues, heal past wounds, and rekindle the level of passion that you both desire.

How much is couples therapy?

Private sessions typically range from £50 to £150 per session, with rates depending on location, therapist experience, and specific services offered. Some therapists also offer sliding scale fees based on income. Think of it as an investment in your relationship - kind of like treating yourself to a cute lingerie set that makes you feel fabulous and confident.

In a world where relationships take work, couples therapy is your chance to invest in the love you share and make it even stronger. If you're ready to reconnect with your partner, overcome obstacles, and rediscover the joy of being together, why not give therapy a try? After all, love - and great sex - is always worth fighting for.

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