The Hottest Festival Outfits for 2024

Festival season is about to be in full swing, and we all know what that means... the opportunity to feel our sexiest selves. From lust-worthy lace bodysuits to pops of vibrant metallics, getting creative with your look is a must for feeling confident and care-free as you dance the days away. And today, we’re bringing you some of our hottest festival outfit ideas to date.

What do I wear to a festival?

Festivals and carnivals are the perfect events to express your individuality in your fit. Not only does ‘anything go’ but you can be as self-expressive as you desire; whether that’s in colours, textures or styles. If you wear a uniform in your 9-5 or have to tone down your style in your day-to-day, festivals and carnivals are the perfect havens for you to let go. In other words, as long as you feel confident, poised and a little bit bad ass, your outfit is down to you.

Sexy Festival Outfits for Women

If you want to rock up at your next festival looking the sexiest, most daring gal there, you’re in the right place. While these outfits may turn heads, feel free to style them up how you see fit; at the end of the day, we want you to look and feel good.

Military Minx

Festival headwear is a must in 2024. Done a sparkling military hat that catches the sun’s rays with every turn. Pair one of these with some biker-style chunky boots and a show-stopping teel geometric body that hugs all the right parts and you’ll be onto a winner. Or if the military vibe isn’t for you, why not be extra flavourful with a decorative fascinator or headpiece.

A Vibrant Vixen

Colour is the unwritten rule of festivals, right? Be fearless as you strut your vibrant self into the crowd at your next festival. Whether you go full rainbow, or you coordinate your colours for a stand-out contrast, you’ll be popping in every sense of the word. Our Rainbow Slinky Thread Dress is the perfect example; combining a raunchy reveal while accentuating your body’s silhouette through a comfortable and breathable material, you’ll look a treat. We recommend a pair of statement Diamante Heart Hoop Earrings and some chunky heels to top it off.

Sultry Straps

If you’re looking for a festival outfit idea that screams temptation, we’ve got you. Our bandaged pink bodysuit is both risqué and powerful; not only will it frame your figure, making you look instantly snatched, but the metallic texture will provide you with an eye-catching shimmer. Combine it with our seductive leather-look leg belt straps and some edgy platform boots and you’ll look fire.

Cute ‘n’ Curvy

Don’t worry, we’ve got the curved goddesses covered too. When it comes to curvy festival outfits, accentuating your figure is always a power move. A complete lace cut-out body will be sure to do all the talking; match it with a bohemian kimono and fishnets for a classy but sensual look.

A Two Piece Treat

If you don’t fancy wearing a bodysuit by itself, why not match it with some killer bottoms? Whether you go for provocative leather hotpants or your classic denim shorts, you can style up a sexy festival outfit in no time. This year, we’re rocking our pink stringed body and tasselled lace body for a cowgirl-chic moment. Hot tip: pairing cowboy boots with any outfit will instantly fest-it-up.

Embellished & Empowered

Is it really a festival outfit without some glitz? No matter the colour palette you’re going for, sparkle will always compliment it. Take our sparkle chain bodycon dress; it may be black but its bold. Adorned with diamantes over a sheer black material with a complimentary high-neck, all you’ll need is some cowboy kicks and statement hoops and you’ll be good to go. If you’d like to leave more to the imagination, our collection of alluring nipple covers will do the trick.

Can you wear a bra to a festival?

Sweetie, you can wear whatever you want. The weather is going to be hot; you’re going to look fierce and it’s going to be exhilarating. Don’t forget, we have a range of bras and bralettes that can switch up from being lingerie to everyday gear. If you think it's a bit too daring, you can always layer it with a stylish tasselled denim jacket or a cool kimono.

What do I wear to a carnival?

When it comes to carnival outfit ideas, the above still stands. Think colourful, think sexy and think confidence. Whether you opt for some flares and a corset or a full iridescent diamante body from yours truly, you’ll be looking fire. Remember, accessories are everything; make sure you have the headwear, belly chains and statement boots ready to go.

Whatever festival outfit idea you opt for, if you feel your absolute sexiest, you’ve done it right. Look good and have a blast; it's our motto.

AS x