Ann Summers | Size Guide

A surprising amount of women in the UK still aren't wearing the right size bras. Each of our stores has a trained bra fitting consultant, so for the best possible fit, why not pop into one of our stores and asking one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff for a measurement?

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Bras: How to Measure Yourself

Our personal in-store bra fitting experts no longer use tape measures, but if you'd prefer to measure yourself in your own home, then just follow our very simple 3 step process.

All you need is a tape measure, a pen and paper, and our handy Bra Fitting Calculator - then you're all set to find the perfect size.

Step One: The Bust Size

Firstly, you need to find the cup size by measuring the bust at the fullest part. This is at nipple level. Make sure that the tape measure is even across the front and back of the body, and that it's not twisted. Ensure that you are wearing a non-padded or only lightly padded bra for an accurate measure.

Step Two: The Band Size

Next, you need to work out the under band size using a tape measure. Go around the rib cage and underneath the bust line.

Step Three: The Bra Size

It's time to say goodbye to bad bras! All you need to do is combine both your measurements to find the right bra size on the chart.

Cup Sizing in Ann Summers Clothing

Thanks to your feedback, we've introduced some '+' sizes to many of our basques, chemises, babydolls and other clothing, to cater for women with smaller dress sizes and larger cup sizes.

This means that when you see a product in a size 8, for example, the cup size will be A/B. But if you see an 8+, the dress remains the same size but the cup size is now C/D.

Here's how the sizing system works:

Dress Size Cup Size
8 A/B
8+ C/D
10-12 B/C
10-12+ D/DD
14-16 C/D
14-16+ DD/E
18-20 D/DD
18-20+ E/F
22-24 DD/E
22-24+ F/G

Clothing Sizes

Our sexy dresses, bodies, chemises, basques, skirts, leggings and other items of clothing all conform to industry sizing conventions. They're either numbered (size 8, 10, 12 and so on) or they're 'body sized' (small, medium, large and so on).

Dress Sizes

Our dress sizes are measured at three points: around the fullest part of the bust, around the natural waist and around the hips.

UK To Fit (inches) To Fit (cm)
Bust Waist Hips Bust Waist Hips
6 30 22.5 33 76 57 84
8 31 23.5 34 78.5 60 86.5
10 32 24.5 35 81 62.5 89
12 34 26.5 37 86 67.5 94
14 36 28.5 39 91 72.5 99
16 38 30.5 41 96 77.5 104
18 40 32.5 43 101 82.5 109
20 42 34.5 45 106 87.5 114
22 44 36.5 47 111 93 119
24 46 38.5 49 116 98 124
26 48 40.5 51 121 103 129

Body Sized Items

Not all our lingerie and clothing is measured in dress size and cup size though. We occasionally also use 'body-sized' measurements, ranging from Small (S) to XXXL (3XL). Here's how our body sizes compare against our numbered dress sizes.

S 8/10
M 12/14
L 16/18
XL 20
XXL 22/24
XXXL 26/28

International Sizing

Here's how Ann Summers clothing sizes compare to US and European sizes.

6 2 34
8 4 36
10 6 38
12 8 40
14 10 42
16 12 44
18 14 46
20 16 48
22 18 50
24 20 52
26 22 54

Stockings & Tights

Ann Summers' stockings and tights fall into two main sizes: Small/Medium and Large/Extra Large. These sizes cover most body types.

Here's how the sizing works. We manufacture stockings according to height as well as dress size. If you're at all unsure, or you're on the boundary between sizes, then we recommend you trust the dress size before the height measurements - so if you're a size 14 for example, but you're 5'6", then go for a larger size.

Stocking Size Dress Size Height
Small-Medium 8 to 14 4'11" to 5'4"
Large Extra Large 16-22 5'5" to 5'9"

Men's Sizing

UK Inches
Chest Waist
S 38 32
M 40 34
L 42 36
XL 44 38

Top Tips For a Great Fitting Bra

Did you know that 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size?

That means the majority of us are walking around with baggy cups, loose straps or the dreaded "Double Boob" effect. Not only is this likely to cause us discomfort, but it's also seriously underselling our best assets.

This is why we've revolutionised our in-store Bra Fitting technique. We've said goodbye to the old-fashioned tape measure, and we're now using our expert lingerie knowledge to give you a much more accurate fit. This service is currently available in several of our stores, so why not pop in for a complete bra makeover?

To find the perfect fit, use our simple store locator and visit your nearest branch.
If you can't get to a store, then take a look at our top tips below to get your boobs looking their best...

5 Things To Remember:

  1. Band - To get the right level of support, this should feel firm but not restrictive, if it moves around or rides up during the day, it's probably too big, so try a smaller size
  2. Straps - Always adjust your shoulder straps so that they sit comfortably on your shoulders without digging in. Don't tighten them so much that you are trying to take the weight of your boobs. If you have to do that, it's time to try a smaller band size
  3. Centre Front - The wires of your bra should lie flat against your breast bone in the middle. If your boobs are pushing the centre of the wires away, they probably need more space & you should try a bigger cup size
  4. Wires - The wire creates the shape for your bra when you put the bra on scoop your boob into the cup so that the wire sits along the natural line of your breast. If you have too much boob, it's time to go up a cup size
  5. Cups - Once you have scooped yourself fully into the cup there should be no bulging or gaping. If you are bulging out of the cup try a bigger cup size, if there is extra space try a smaller cup size