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The fastest and, some would say, the best route to mind-blowing orgasms is delicious, direct clitoral stimulation from our clit stimulators. When it comes to the clit, vibrators are number one. They can be petite and discreet, rumbly or buzzy, good for the bath or good on the go. They come in all kinds of materials – smooth and silky or hard and fast. Try them all. Meet your match with a clit vibrator.

34 Results
34 Results
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  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 3.5 (208)
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    Get hours of solo satisfaction with our Rose Gold Mini Vibrator...


    This mini marvel is a perfect choice for first-timers and powerful enough for vibe pros, in gorgeous rose gold and pink. The smooth ergonomic design fits easily in your hand and curves against your body to hit just the right spot; perfect in your quest for vibrating knickers. Our rose gold love bullet gives you 10 amazingly powerful settings to play with, sure to keep you buzzin'. 



    Key features


    - Ergonomic rose gold design

    - Waterproof

    - 10 vibration settings

    - Portable

    - Ideal for use during sex and foreplay

    - Easy to use

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.4 (101)
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    A clit stim like no other, the Moregasm Rabbit Ears feature Climax Technology for a truly orgasmic awakening...


    The Moregasm Ears have a curved, flattened design for maximum contact when pressed against your body. This makes the vibrations reach a wider area, with 3 vibration settings and 3 pulse settings to send surges of pleasure through your entire body.


    The ears feature luxuriously soft silicone that warms to your body temperature. They’re fully waterproof, easy to use and rechargeable, and come complete with a USB charger.




    What is Climax Technology?


    Moregasm uses Climax Technology developed exclusively by Ann Summers’ experts. A brand new kind of motor, the technology works by sending powerful, low-frequency waves of vibrations deep into your body. The vibrations travel further to reach over 15,000 nerve endings – TWICE as many as any other vibe on the market – triggering your most powerful, intense climax ever...



    Top tips


    • Use Liquid Satin Lube with your Rabbit Ears for a truly mind blowing experience. 

    • When you’re close to climax, change vibration settings to prolong and intensify your orgasm.

    • Press the flat shape against your throat while giving oral to send rippling vibrations through their body.




    We’re so confident that your Moregasm toy will give you your best orgasm ever, that we’ve put our money where our mouth is - we’ll give you a full refund if you’re not deeply satisfied. For more information, please click here


    You’ve got nothing to lose but a whole lot of Moregasm to gain...

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    #1 Bestseller
    ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 3.5 (2)
    £10.00 was £20.00

    A palm full of pleasure.


     The Rose Gold Pebble Vibrator provides pleasure to a wider area to hit all the right spots. The tapered end can be used to direct vibrations to exactly where you want them most, designed to tip you over the edge, into the land of O’s. Perfect for solo use or experimental couples play. You’ll both be buzzin’. 

    With three speed vibrations and three pulse patterns, The Rose Gold Pebble puts the power of orgasm straight back into your hands. Ergonomically sculpted to deliver vibration across a wider area, The Pebble provides sensationally satisfying stimulation. 



    •  Curved for better stimulation
    •  3 speeds of vibration
    •  3 pulse patterns
    •  Ideal for use during sex and for foreplay


  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.7 (18)

    Dual density silicone which moulds to your body to deliver mind-blowing vibes that hit every spot. Have you tried to contour?

    The Moregasm Contour collection is coated in dual density silicone and features our best-selling Climax Technology, exclusive to Ann Summers. The multi-layer, cushioned silicone is designed to mould to your body shape to create a personalised sex toy which fits your body perfectly.


    The Moregasm Contour Ears are packed with 3 unforgettable vibration settings and 3 pulse settings to send surges of pleasure through your entire body. Switch between the luxuriously soft dual silicone ears or the firmer body of the toy for targeted, harder vibrations when and where you want it most.

    Customize your climax with Moregasm Contour.

    We’re so confident that your Moregasm Contour toy will give you your best orgasm ever, that we’ve put our money where our mouth is - we’ll give you a full refund if you’re not deeply satisfied. For more information, please click here

    You’ve got nothing to lose but a whole lot of Moregasm to gain...

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.4 (14)

    Relieve tension all over your body with this incredible cordless body massager from LELO...


    Crafted from silky smooth silicone, the LELO Smart Wand feels amazing against your skin. With a soft and seamless head, this powerful massager will ease tension and relax muscles all over your body, as well as being a powerfully pleasurable clit stimulator.



    Key features


    - Cordless

    - Very powerful vibrations

    - 8 different massage patterns

    - Waterproof

    - Rechargeable



    The Smart Wand offers 8 massage patterns and uses innovative SenseTouch technology, which means the vibrations build and strengthen on contact with skin – so it feels just like a real massage! Plus, because it’s fully waterproof, you can take it in the bath or shower, too.

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0 (1)

    LELO’s award-winning oral sex simulator has received an upgrade!


    The ORA 2’s seductive swirls and pulses create the same waves of pleasure experienced during oral sex. It has the same innovative flicks, licks and swirls as the original, but now features SenseTouch™ technology, which means the vibrations activate and build on contact with your body – so the firmer you press, the better.



    Key features


    - Simulates the feel of oral sex

    - Innovative flicks, licks and swirls

    - Luxury silicone design

    - Rechargeable (USB charger)

    - Waterproof



    The rotating nub (the ‘tongue’) is larger than the original ORA, fully circling your clitoris for sensational pleasure. There are 10 stimulation modes to play with, each with adjustable intensity to build towards mind-blowing orgasms.

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    Exclusive to Ann Summers

    This Ann Summers exclusive is upping the ante on the classic bodywand. This wand, with its unique 360-degree spinning head, can be used for deeply satisfying, external stimulation and relaxation.  In pink and white, soft touch ABS silicone this wand features a textured head with interchangeable extras.


    The Bodwand 360 truly is the complete package with two distinctive, silicone attachments to provide out of this world sensations. Get your body buzzin’ and have your clit flicked with the Flicker Head Attachment or opt for oral with the multi tongue head designed to effectively simulate oral sex.


    The Bodywand is controlled with a simple scrolling wheel to ensure that you can vibe at your own pace and reach climax, how and when you please.


    Buzz your way to bliss and experience a mind blowing range of sensations.

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.6 (16)

    The Bodywand delivers seriously powerful vibrations wherever you need them.


    This ultra-powerful Bodywand is designed to hit every spot. It has a silky silicone head and flexible neck for all-over massage and mind-blowing clit stimulation, with multiple vibration speeds providing strong, continuous stimulation.



    Key features


    - Smooth, flexible head

    - A/C power with 3 metre cord

    - Very powerful multispeed vibrations  

    - Simple, intuitive buttons

    - High quality silicone



    The Bodywand comes with an extra-long 3 metre cord, and the A/C power makes it considerably more powerful than battery operated massagers. The high quality silicone results in subdued noise levels, so it’s quiet and discreet, too.

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 3.7 (19)
    £6.00 was £8.00
    You’ll only ever need one clit stim with the versatile Tickler Rocket...


    This petite but powerful vibe may look like a simple clit stim, but swap in one of the 4 extra heads and you’re treated to brand new sensations. Giving you 4 toys in one, the 4 heads come with different textures for unique stimulation, powered by a pleasurable single-speed vibration.

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0 (2)

    The soft touch vibe looks good and feels great. With one sensational vibration setting you can ride, vibe and spice up your life.  #Buzzin’.

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 5.0 (2)

    Think you’ve had an orgasm before? Think again. We’ve teamed up with gynaecological experts to develop the ULTIMATE clitoral stimulator...


    The Ultimate O’s unique design stimulates your whole outer clitoral area at the same time. Where most vibes only target a small area, The Ultimate O’s ‘prongs’ fully surround the clitoral hood, while the middle 'finger' targets the exposed clitoris for a whole new level of stimulation...



    Key features


    - Unique design that fully surrounds your clitoris

    - Extremely powerful vibration settings

    - Each settings has its own LED colour

    - Easy-to-use single button

    - Rechargeable



    Made from beautifully smooth premium silicone, the vibe has a simple yet effective design with a single button to control the multiple settings. Each setting has its own LED light, making it easy to find your favourite – even in the dark.

  • ★★★★★ ★★★★★ 4.4 (11)

    The incredible Doxy Wand Massager offers 30% more power than the legendary Hitachi Magic Wand...


    The Doxy Wand Massager features a sleek, ergonomic body and soft cushioned head. It transports 10 vibration speeds that can be used all over the body to let tension melt away, or use for orgasmic clitoral stimulation during foreplay, sex or solo play.



    Key features


    - 10 very powerful vibration speeds

    - Simple, user-friendly buttons

    - Soft cushioned head

    - Suitable for all-over massage or clit stimulation

    - Mains powered (3 metre cable)



    The Doxy is incredibly easy to use, with a separate on/off button and buttons to control the vibration speed. The wand is mains powered, which creates greater power than battery-operated toys, and comes with has a 3 metre cable.