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The Beginner's Guide To Vibrators

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Good vibes come in all shapes and sizes, but they've all got that buzz. That kick. Exactly what you need to get you off – whether you're alone, or pushing foreplay to its limits. Not sure where to start? We've got you covered, girl – read up and meet your new best friends.


Always our go-to for first time vibrator apprentices, but they're not just for beginners. A bullet's the kind of toy that we're sure will stick with you for a long time. Small in size – usually just a few inches – but with powerful vibrations, they're perfect for use during sex, foreplay, or solo sensations. Target your clit, or explore other areas.

Bullets usually take AAA batteries, but may need something smaller, so check product descriptions to be sure, and stock up from our battery range. You can get rechargeable options, too.

Looking for your first bullet? The Rose Gold Mini Vibrator is absolutely our pick. Sleek and sexy, waterproof, and with ten different settings – so you can find out what works for you.

Clitoral Vibrators

Although bullets will hit the spot and deliver incredible stimulation to your clit, there are plenty of other paths to pleasure in our range of clitoral vibrators. Suction or flicking motions means powerful sensations that you might never have imagined. Don't be afraid to go exploring.

Our tip? Ease yourself in with the Clit Tickler Rocket – its interchangeable heads are perfect if you're not sure what you like. But trust us – at least one of them will send you to space.

Finger Vibrators

Thrills at your fingertips? Yes please. Finger vibrators have a powerful little bullet vibe with a loop to slip your finger through – take full control, and pinpoint your pleasure with ease. No need to hold on to a bullet, leaving the rest of your fingers free to wander...

Interested? Of course you are. Our Cheap Thrills Finger Vibrator may just be the one for you. Tiny and waterproof, in skin-safe rubber. It's in your hands.

Shaft vibrators

Better than the real thing? These straightforward vibrators can double down as clit-stims, but are really made for deep penetration – with a naughty little kick. Simple yet effective, and a classic for a reason. Find your perfect partner, and choose between sleek, soft, ribbed and realistic designs.

Need some help? The Love Heart Vibrator is an Ann Summers favourite. Firm ridges, a waterproof body, and a full five inches plus of pleasure. It's rechargeable, too, by USB cable – perfect for travelling, don't you think?

G-spot Vibrators

Looking for something that really hits the spot? Sorry. We couldn't resist. But you won't be able to either. These curved vibes can be used on your clit, sure, but they're designed for internal stimulation most of all. With a thicker head, G-spot vibes target the most sensitive part of your vagina, which means serious pleasure. Lube up, start slowly, and push yourself to the limit for powerful vibrations – and the potential for female ejaculation. Our eternal choice is the Endless Love. Waterproof, with eight settings, and a full six inches to play with. You'll be hooked.


Eggs are for those with a seriously kinky streak – these small internal vibrators come with remote controls, perfect for handing over to a partner. Hands-free pleasure at your lover's beck and call – what could be finer? For those looking to kick their kinks up to their limits, wireless and app-controlled versions are devilish little devices for taking things outdoors, and truly giving up control.

For first time adventurers, we suggest the Loveheart Egg – a very subtle toy in beautiful pink and gold, with a discreet remote control that can send powerful vibes from up to 12 metres away. No one has to know...

Rampant Rabbits

The Rampant Rabbit is our gift to the girls of the world – a sex toy revolution worth screaming about. The imitators are flattering, but Ann Summers is the only place you'll find the real deal. Prepare to meet your bunny, honey. The Rampant Rabbit combines a classic vibrating dildo, with clit-stim bunny ears unlike any bullet you'll ever feel. With rotating, thrusting shafts providing serious internal pleasure while the ears hit your clit just right, you can lay back and enjoy the ride. There are plenty to choose from, but we think you'll be a happy bunny with the Little Slim One. A little smaller, to ease you in, with rotating metal beads to push your limits that little bit further, it's perfect for apprentices. But if you're looking for something a little more discreet and convenient, the Mini Rechargeable One is an ideal introduction.

Anal Vibrators

Looking to switch things around? Anal vibrators add irresistible thrills to anal play. Vibrating anal beads will send tremors through every inch – slowly remove them at the point of orgasm for unbelievable pleasure. Vibrating butt plugs are ideal for beginners, whether you're working up to something bigger or just taking the good vibes as they come.

For the curious beginner, try the Vibrating Butt Plug - a gentle introduction at three inches, but with powerful vibrations once the dial begins to creep upwards...


Just like magic. Wands are the most powerful toys you'll ever find. Work your way up, or take the plunge – either way, you'll never find anything else like them.

Designed as body massagers, we don't know who first discovered the much more fun applications, but we're forever in their debt. Wands come in all shapes and sizes, with heads in slightly firmer plastic, or soft and sensual silicone, and a range of flexible handles. Even the mini versions have a serious heft to them that's just oh-so-satisfying. Turn them up, and let yourself go...

Looking to learn some spells of your own? Our recommendation for magical apprentices is the Loveheart Wand. Sensual and smooth, with a cute heart design that may be a little less imposing for a first-time user. Splashproof, rechargeable, and with five different settings – you'll never go back.