Ann Summers | Bondage for beginners

Light bondage can be exhilarating, thrilling, satisfying and intimate too. Exploring dominant and submissive roles in a relationship can help you get to know each other better than ever before, and by submitting control of your body to your partner, you prove to them that you trust them completely.
But where do you start? What 'equipment' do you need to get started on your path to fulfilling your bondage fantasies?

Restraint and control are at the heart of really fulfilling bondage, and if youre just starting out then you need to consider carefully how strongly you want to be restrain - or be restrained. One of the most rewarding restraint products is bondage tape.

The bondage tape we sell here at Ann Summers really is remarkable stuff: its not sticky, like you would expect, so it doesnt leave tell-tale clues and it doesnt hurt when its removed from the skin. Instead, it sticks firmly to itself, perfect for wrapping around wrists, ankles and bed posts (or anything else you care to think of)

Bondage tape is clean, tidy and incredible fun. But its not impossible to break out of, and for some of us who really enjoy indulging our bondage fantasies, we seek something a little stronger. Thats where handcuffs come in.

Ann Summers has a large number of handcuffs, all made of metal and all great for restraining wrists and feet. The furry cuffs are more comfortable than bare metal alone, though if you crave the feel of metal against your skin then the fur can be easily removed. Theyre sexy, strong and one of the most essential pieces in your new light-bondage armoury.

The threshold between pain and pleasure can be a fine one. In fact, the reason that mild pain appeals to us is because when we experience it, in the form of a slap, a bite or a pinch for example, our brains release a dose of endorphins into our bloodstream. Endorphins are opioids: in other words, they get us high. Its this high that we enjoy, and we have to endure the pain to get there.

The quickest way to get these endorphins into your bloodstream is to have a short, sharp shock delivered to a fleshy part of your body (fleshy, so that its less likely to leave any lasting damage). This can be done by hand, but for a really sharp, shocking sensation, youll need a strong spanking paddle. This can be used to tickle and tease, to build up the anticipation, before inflicting a wicked, stinging slap.

For lighter, more ticklish kind of sting, try a crop rather than a paddle. Theyre every bit as fun but the pain is concentrated into a much smaller area, relative to a spanking paddle.

Its not all about the crack of the whip, of course. Light bondage is also about anticipation and expectation. Ultimately, its about the senses. Thats why teasing and tickling is as much a part of bondage as spanking. And the proof is in the pudding: try restraining your partner with their hands above their heads and a blindfold on, and then drag a feather tickler over their naked body. Its incredibly sensual.

To help you get in the mood, it can help to dress the part. You might like to consider dressing up for role play - particularly if youre beginning to explore submissive and dominant roles. Doctors and nurses, schoolgirl and teacher, maid and master are three examples of fun, sexy role play.

Of course, not everyones comfortable with role play, and if you simply want to dress a little bit kinky to set the mood, youll find it in this section. It contains all of our sexiest bondage outfits, from thigh-high PVC boots to provocative, lacy bodystockings.