Balconette - theatrical and elegant, a balconette bra covers most of the breast and offers loads of lift and comfortable support, like a corset.

Full Cup - a full cup is sophisticated, seductive and perfect for day-to-night wear. With a relatively high neckline and a plunge style, it’s a great, sexy compromise between support, glamour and cleavage boost.

Halterneck - a halterneck bra does away with conventional straps and opts for a stylish and fashionable single-strap design that runs unbroken around the back of your neck, without losing the support of traditional straps. Halterneck bras are fantastic for certain dress-types, and a great, useful and versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Longline - a longline bra is a bra that runs further down your body than any other style of bra. They make use an extra couple of inches of material under the cups. They’re elegant and theatrical, which is way it’s usually balconette bras that feature longline designs.

Open Cup - open cup bras are daring, erotic and very naughty. They offer just a little underwiring for some support and sit under the breast, not even reaching as far as a ¼ cup.

Padded - a padded bra is simply any bra with padded cups. Sometimes the padding is built in with foam, gel or air, sometimes the pads are completely removable. The padding in Ann Summers bras is incredibly natural-looking for a smooth silhouette.

Peep - a peep bra (or peephole bra) is any bra with a slit in the cup that can be opened and closed to give teasing glimpses of your body beneath. They’re romantic, sexy and perfect for any intimate occasion when you’re feeling flirty. They’re particularly good for bedroom stripteases...

Plunge - a plunge bra is all about the cleavage. The cups veer downwards and join the band to sculpt and emphasise your cleavage, making a plunge bra the perfect choice for your favourite little black dress.

Racer Back - straps that cross at the back for a stylish look and supportive fit.

Soft Cup - soft cup bras generally have no padding, boning or structure as such, and often no underwiring either. They’re perfect for flirting and feeling provocative.

Strapless - the clue’s in the name: strapless bras either have no straps at all, or have straps that you can remove depending on your outfit choice. Perfect for off-the-shoulder dresses.

Underwired - an underwired bra features a metal wire that runs under the cups and give the bra lift, support and shape.

¼ Cup - a quarter cup (or ¼ cup) bra is all about sex appeal. They’re generally underwired to offer some support but the fabric stops under the nipples for a seductive and erotic look. Wear a quarter cup bra with some glamorous pasties for a raunchy, confident look.

½ Cup - a half cup bra rises higher than a quarter cup just covering the nipples, and offers a little more support. The effect is very girly, fun and flirty.