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The U Self Love Stimulator

$ 105.00
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$ 105.00
We’re thrilled to introduce you to Charlie Brooks – actress, entrepreneur and woman on a mission to make all of our experiences of sex as mind-blowing as possible with The U Brand, her self love stimulator, made to help you discover the wonder within U.

Designed to cradle not penetrate. The U Self Love Stimulator uses layering technology that surrounds the pleasure point with deep ripples of vibration. Feel stimulation through the cushioned silicone softness as the layered waves flow through your body building to unleash a new dimension of personal satisfaction. Let go and unleash your wonder…

HOW TO USE: Set your scene, light a candle and tune in with where your mind wants to take you, be unafraid to unleash your full potential and go with your body, wherever that may be. In your cupped hand, turn on and hold against you to feel the sensation over your body, explore mindfulness and experiment with what feels good and what you need more of. Stay curious and discover the levels of intensity and patterns of stimulation.

EXPLORE MORE: Self-arousal can take the body longer to release natural lubrication, try the U Pleasure Serum for enhanced sensation, allowing your body to meet your mind. Keep it fresh with the U Cleansing Mist. Spray and wipe over The U before and after use.

  • Made from soft, body-safe silicone
  • 5 levels of intensities and patterns
  • USB rechargeable (cable included)
  • Includes a cotton storage pouch