Stand up for love


Creating a safe space for everyone is so important to us - we want you to know that you belong here and to help you find something that's guaranteed to make you feel amazing.

view more You've all helped us so much with our journey, and this collection of long time best-sellers has been carefully curated into our Be Proud range, specifically designed for you. Whether you’re after internal or external stimulation, we have got you covered. Our range of pleasure pleasing toys is perfect for everyone from nervous newbies to cock ring connoisseurs.We have been working with external contractors and agencies on getting feedback on this range, it’s been a labour of love and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. As much as we love a rainbow and a good time (we are sort of the experts), we understand the work that needs to be done. In support of Stonewall and in true Ann Summers style we are working towards equality and a world where everyone is free to be proud, free to be loved, free to be together and free to be who they are.

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