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The Couple's Guide to Sex Toys

Curious about experimenting with sex toys... together?

Couples Guide to Sex Toys

It's always more fun when you play together, right? Well, we're here to confirm that it is. Sex toys aren't just for solo missions: add your player two and get ready to come together.

There are loads of sex toys on the market, but the best sex toys for couples may be a little different to any favourites you might have tried out on your own. And if you've never used them together before, the idea of broaching the subject with your partner might be a daunting one. But never fear, Ann Summers is here to help with our complete couple's guide to sex toys.

How to introduce sex toys into your relationship

How to introduce sex toys into your relationship

First things first, you know you like toys, and you know you want to start using them together, but how on earth do you broach the subject?

We've said it before and we'll say it again; talking is essential in every relationship, especially when it comes to sex. Chatting about what you like and what you don't like, what you're curious about and what really turns you on is not only useful for you both, but it can be a real libido boost to get you in the mood.

Starting a conversation about bringing sex toys into your relationship may not be easy, but in all our years of experience, no partner has ever reacted in horror to the idea. It may be daunting, but your partner isn't a mind reader, and if you want to make your fantasies a reality, then it's totally worth it!

If you're keen to switch up the vibe in the bedroom, you need to be a little more direct. It can be hard for some people to talk about sex in the plainest of terms, and that's fine - that's why we're here to help! But you'll never know if you don't ask.

Whether you've got something hidden away that you've been too nervous to bring out of the drawer, or you want to get your partner on board before you pick out something you will both enjoy, taking that first step can feel big. But it shouldn't be.

We really think the old classic of making coy references and hoping your partner picks up on it is pointless. A quick "looks like fun" or "always wanted to try one of those" when something crops up on TV should help you gauge some reactions, and provide a solid reminder that this stuff really isn't a taboo anymore.

If you've been together for a while, then having a honest conversation about trying something new will be something you both feel comfortable with. Relationships are a team effort - whether you're picking out kitchen tiles or new toys for the bedroom - just discuss it together and hear each other out.

Of course, you could also go nuclear and introduce toys in the heat of the moment. A brief pause… A quick whisper of "I bought us something special, want to try it out?" - we're sure they'll be nice and receptive.

Why should couples use sex toys?

Why should couples use sex toys?

We've talked a lot about the importance of communication above, so by discussing what you would or wouldn't like to try out in the bedroom then you are actually becoming a stronger couple.

Using sex toys is also a great way to introduce a bit of variety into your relationship. If you've been together for a few years now, you might be concerned about things becoming a bit stale, but sex toys are the perfect way to spice things up a little bit.

Want to see what we think are the top 5 best couples sex toys?

Why you shouldn't be put off by sex toys

Anyone can feel a little bit intimidated by sex toys when a partner suggests bringing them out to play. Most people like to think they can provide satisfaction without the need for any additional 'help', particularly men in a relationship. But that way of thinking misunderstands what sex toys are even for in the first place.

Introducing sex toys into your relationship does not mean that anything is missing, that your partner is trying to replace you, or that they're trying to fix anything that doesn't work. Sex toys should add to and enhance your sexual experiences in ways that aren't humanly possible. We guarantee that there will be nothing wrong with your equipment - but no human actually vibrates!

However you want to use them, it's all about exploring your sexuality together and discovering new sensations. You will become a lot closer for it, so don't worry about raising the question or feeling uncomfortable.

Start small - Toys for beginners

Everyone needs time to warm up to something new. So even if they're ready to play, you can't expect them to go from 0 - 60 straight away. There are plenty of toys that are perfect if you're a complete beginner, and it's just a case of picking something you are both comfortable with.

The bullet

Pocket-sized and powerful; bullet vibrators are perfect for solo play but definitely better with two.

So how should you use it? Well we don't want to give you an instruction manual, but we've got your back with a couple of tips for getting started. First of all, start slow; have him tease you outside your underwear and stroke the bullet against your thighs, slowly building the anticipation as he makes his way closer to your clit. Let that buzz build until you're making enough noise to keep the whole street awake. Bullets are small and discreet, but you sure as hell don't have to be.

Feeling naughty? The bullet's a versatile little number so why not flip things around and use it on him instead? Tempt him by teasing the base of his cock with subtle vibrations. Or, shoot to kill and apply some serious pressure along the shaft - that'll get his attention.

The cock ring

Double trouble, or fun for two? Cock rings are easy to use and some models give you both incredible waves of vibrating pleasure during sex. They will also keep your man harder for longer - so he shouldn't need much convincing to try one out!

Cock rings start out simple, but if you're ready to push things further then pick a vibrating ring with an added bullet or two for extra stimulation. One for him, and one for you. It's a win-win.

Step it up a notch - Toys for the adventurous

It's time to raise the stakes. If you've been playing together for some time now then you'll have a pretty good idea of what one another likes. So what's next?

Remote controlled toys

Prepare for a power struggle, but a damn hot power struggle. Let him take charge with a remote control toy, and lose control in every single way. There are even app-controlled options to bring your sex life into the 21st century.

Remote controlled vibes are perfect for kinky adventurers who are looking to take things outdoors. Perhaps you go on a date to the cinema or a restaurant? Hands-free pleasure at his command and you can guarantee that the anticipation will build to a breaking point.

Anal toys

Now this one's for both of you; we believe that no one should miss out on a backstage pass. We recommend that you start small here - no point diving in at the deep end otherwise you might find yourself put off anal toys for life! From complete beginners to total anal aficionados, there are dozens of different anal toys to choose from.

Whether it's an anal training kit or a full blown prostate massager, lube is your new best friend for anal play, so make sure you have plenty to hand ready to ensure a smooth ride no matter who is driving. No man should have all the power; can he take it too? Turn the tables, push his buttons and explore anal play with him one night. It's all about give and take, remember!

Go even further - Sex toys for the expert players

You can't get enough. He can't get enough. You're sex toy experts and the toy drawer is now a toy closet. There's an itch you just can't scratch and you're both craving more. Chill, we got this.

No limits

Let's take your anal play to a whole other level and build up to the big boys. If he's not quite ready to handle a full-on role reversal, why not try anal beads? Not only will these ease him in a little, but they will also deliver some killer sensations. But be gentle at first, then not so gentle!

Feeling a little left out? Don't worry; bring the focus back on you with a wand vibrator. Delivering a feeling like never before, you won't want to put it down. Discretion be damned - these big and powerful toys will push you as far as you can go - and beyond.

We've got you pegged

You're no longer curious about anal play; you're obsessed. It's time to stop teasing and get serious. Harness up and show your man who's boss with a strap-on dildo. If you've got this far, we're sure there'll be no objections. Smash those gender roles one thrust at a time. Remember to start slow and build up! You don't want to do any damage…

Ready to dive right in? Why not visit our collection of sex toys for couples and do some online shopping together? We guarantee you'll be camped out by the letterbox as soon as you place the order.